Help Aborigines close a community-destroying mine

Update: Demonstration in Sydney on 19 May

Ever heard of the multinational Anglo–Swiss commodity trading and mining company Glencore? Their reckless mining practices are robbing communities all around the world of their livelihoods. Glencore have also been identified as avoiding taxes both in Australia and in countries ActionAid works in across the globe – taxes that would otherwise pay for basic infrastructure and public services that protect women and their communities.


ActionAid is committed to supporting local communities and their struggles against inequality and injustice all around the world. On Australian soil, Glencore’s lead and zinc mine on the McArthur River in the Northern Territory has poisoned the land and waterways of the local community of Borroloola.

This community has led the path on a strong campaign demanding Glencore end their reckless mining practices. WATCH this short video now to learn more.

Despite raking in a gross revenue of $22.4bn in 2013-2014, the six companies controlled by Glencore in Australia paid ZERO tax.

Today, while the company holds its Annual General Meeting in Switzerland, communities around the world are coming together in solidarity with the Borroloola mob to protest Glencore’s reckless mining practices.

ActionAid is getting behind the traditional owners from the Borroloola Indigenous clan groups to demand that Glencore closes its McArthur River mine and cleans up the river.

We want YOU to join us.

While the action will take place in Sydney what we really need is YOUR VOICE to help us spread the word around the world.

SHARE this video and take to your Twitter and Facebook to demand that Glencore clean up their act. Follow #makethempay for all the latest developments. 

We’re proud to be getting behind the Borroloola Indigenous clan groups to demand justice. We’re demanding that Glencore shut down the McArthur River mine, clean up the river and pay their fair share of taxes.

In solidarity,

Rachel, Kieran and the ActionAid Team








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