Eviction of Lautonomia in Lusatia!

Solidarität mit Lautonomia

During the last days there were many so called controls „without suspicion“ in the area around the occupation. The police controlled cars, bikers and pedestrians alongside the public streets if they fit a certain outer appearance.  This morning our friends at the occupation were finally wakened by police surrounding our treehouses and destroying the traverses between them.  A reason for the eviction was not given eventhough we asked repeatedly; finally, one person was as nice as to tell as that there would be just no reason at all.

As on the ground the first of several persons was arrested and our friends were carried away, climbers from the police started to charge the treehouses.
It seemed as if there was no money for an approriate manlift, instead someone came up with the idea to use a wheel loader's bucket and tie a ladder to it. This construction is not only life-threatening for us, but also for everyone who is around.
Secondarily, more persons got arrested on the ground. Their phones were taken so that they are neither able to stay in contact with us nor to phone their lawyer as would be their right.

The happenings of the past few days (see blog and twitter) are therefore not, as police tried to convince us, just random occurences. Also, the point in time just before the start of the Waldwoche can't be understood as coincidence.


We will not give in to this new wave of repression! We will come back and we will squat again and again until brown coal mining is finally stopped!

Join us at the police station in Weisswasser to support our prisoners, make solactions, follow our blog or twitter for the latest information and visit the new squat!


We won't bounce back!