[B] We will never be divided- United Neighbours!

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At the moment there are 11 refugee camps in Wedding. Some of them are so-called emergency shelters, supposedly offering temporary solutions but which have turned out to be a permanent ones. The conditions in these camps are inhumane: some have inadequate levels of domestic hygiene and there have been cases of rats attacking people during the night; there are no private showers or sleeping spaces; in some cases meat has been served raw or food was mouldy; portions are often too small for an adult and the food is not labelled as halal; increasingly people from the neighbourhood are no longer allowed to enter the Lager and those inside the camps are kicked out onto the street if they dare to complain.


We, the Lager-Mobilisation Group in Wedding, want to use direct contact in order to form a self-organized group of people from the Lagers and neighbours who stand in solidarity. We aim to raise public awareness about the conditions in the Lagers, to promote connections between people in the neighbourhood and we also offer practical work through legal counseling and a language cafe. And we want to underline that the people in the Lagers are not responsible for the problems in our society.


Abolish the Lager-System

Not only that! We also want to fight against the incarceration of people in Lagers and against all industries, which profit from the isolation and imprisonment of people: private Lager companies, catering services, cleaning and security firms. We strive to abolish this racist Lager-system. We want to break the isolation, which divides those with and without papers. We demand flats for everyone – regardless of paperwork!


We are here to stay

The right of asylum in Germany is constantly undermined but the people in the Lagers are here to stay. We demand an unconditional right to stay for everyone. Regardless of whether the German government tells us that Turkey, Afghanistan or Algeria are safe countries of origin: the refusal of asylum request equals deportation into torture, war, hunger and death. Merkel has used all means possible in order to expand the fortress that is Europe. This includes striking deals with Erdogan who massacres the Kurdish population in Bakur (Kurdish part of Turkey) and deports refugees to Syria. Accordingly, we will fight against the tightening and erosion of the right of asylum.


One struggle one fight

The competitiveness of the capitalist property market produces hierarchies in society and creates unrest between people who can barely afford their rent and those who received a right of residence. Racist agitation and violence are just some of the consequences. In contrast, we want to fight for a city in which living space is not a commodity, for a city that provides housing for all! We won’t be divided!

Therefore we will march on the demonstration on 30th April in Wedding


for the abolishment of the Lager-System!
For an unconditional right to stay!
For living space for everyone!

16:30 Uhr | Antikapitalistische Demonstration
U8/U9 Osloer Straße | Berlin-Wedding