Greek Revolt (2nd March 2010)

Social Insurance System? We come for dialogue...

Changes on the Social Insurance System ...? We come to talk about it ...!

Tuesday 2nd March 2010: Conflicts in Creta University in the town of Chania when people blocked the business talk: Ioakeim Gryspolakis, rector of the University, was talking with some representatives of construction companies who are interested to renew a building which belongs to the University for the price of 5,5 million euros. The certain building is squatted by Rossa Nera anarchist team and kept open as a social centre with political and cultural activities. The certain rector seems to start having a new hobby, such one of trying to give University buildings which are squatted to private companies interests.


  • Around 100 anarchists/antiauthoritarians squatted the offices of PASOK (party on government) in Ioannina town asking for the release of the imprisoned comrades who were arrested during the demonstration in Vyronas district of Athens. A local TV-station team arrived on the spot asking for an interview, event that never happened after the squatters refused to participate in the spectacle of Mass Media.
  • Coordination of Base's Labor Unions in Public and Privet Sector announced a demonstration on the 4th of March in Athens asking for a new General Strike against the plans of the government, EU and IMF.
  • Solidarity actions with the dismissed workers of METKA factory still go on all around Greece. Independent organizations, syndicalist unions, anarchists, squats etc. have already expressed that they are on the side of the struggling workers. (watch also older updates)
  • Also solidarity actions from several organizations and individuals with Ntinos Palaistidis, dismissed from AGRA Publication Company because of his fault to struggle for his co-workers and his own labor rights. Many workers of AGRA company still strike against the decission of the bosses and also blockade many company's bookshops. Announcement by Organization of Communists Internationalists in Greece:



On 13th January AGRA Publication Company dismissed our co-worker and comrade Mr. Palaistidis.

 Ntinos Palaistidis has for many years exemplary actions in the labor movement, fightingfull and firm, for the rights of workers, for a class and anti-hierarchical unionism. particularly through the Association of Employees in Book-Paper Sector Attica, association which he first worked for together with other employees.

 This dismissal is not only a blow against the right of a comrade at work, but also against free trade unionism, against any workers' struggle.


 As was written on the announcement of his co-workers in AGRA company: "The dismissal of Mr Dinos Palaistidi surprised us all. We are able to know precisely the large workload that we took all of us (also Ntinos) during the recent years. A workload that was resulted after the growth of AGRA in which we all have helped for! The pressure thus exerted because of the busy work, led our colleague since the past two years to repeatedly requested a meeting with the employer, for the clarify-restatement of his duties, meeting that never took place. However, after meeting with the inspection work, the response of employers was the dismissal of him. We are able to know and for that we say publicly, that our colleague up till the time of his dismissal, he was performing consistently in all the tasks assigned to him."

 So this is a purely vindictive and anti-union dismissal. AGRA even spoke provocatively about "unconventional behavior" of our colleague!

 The Association of Employees in Book-Paper Sector Attica proceeded and organize protests and repeated strikes in AGRA. Solidarity is expressed by dozens of unions, collectives, organizations and employees, with communications, participation in demonstrations, support of the strike action fund. As Ntinos Palaistidis has practical and generously expressed his solidarity during recent past in numerous other workers' action and struggles.

 Some well-fed "personalities of the literature and the arts", among them some supposedly "progressive persons", tried to back up the employer of AGRAS Mr. Petsopoulos, talking about a try of defamation and denigration against AGRA company. "Spiritual leaders" closed inside their own glass towers, who have divorced from the problems and anxieties of the world of working, care only about not to upset their 'own-beloved' publisher-businessman.

 But also it does not fit any half-hearted attitude, no attempt - as was done by a number of other intellectuals - that presents the dismissal like a misunderstanding which can be solved by "consultation" with employers. Even worse when it is said that "AGRA is not an ordinary capitalist company", distinguished by the "quality of publications and the great contribution to the intellectual life of our country"!

 And these statements when capitalists, government and EU have declared a straightly anti-labor war without an end. When it is a matter of life or death for the labor movement to regroup its forces, to smash the attacks of the capitalists - first of all stop the redundancies and the antisyndicalistic pogroms - and to fight back. IT IS A MATTER OF ALL OF US:

- To defend in practice Mr Nt. Palaistidis with all our strength.

- To support the Association of Employees in Book-Paper Sector Attica, during the long and difficult struggle for the withdrawal of the dismissal.

Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece



  • Series of protests against the government's economic measures, decided the Board of OLME (Workers Federation of Middle Education).


  According to the announcement of OLME, the mobilization actions of teachers will be:


 - Protest at the Ministry of Finance of all bases' unionists tomorrow.

 - Demonstration on Thursday in Athens.

 - Protest at the Ministry of Finace and at the EU's offices on 8th March.

 - Protest at the State's General Accounting Office on 10th March.

 - Participation in the public sector's strike of 16th March.



  • Fotos from the squatted rectorship building of Aristotele University in Thessaloniki (the squat finished today with a demo):


 sprayed on the walls & plakat (free translation):

 "For an asylum stracture that will not only spread the word of ideas, but also function for:

 ... social struggles, students, workers, unemployed people, immigrants, refugees.

 instead of:

 ... cops, rectors, bosses' contractors, business





Assembly of the squatted rectorship building of Aristotele University - Announcement:


 On the 21st February in Athens, after fake informing from the Rector's side that inside the area "there are people who cause damages", policemen of Z-team invade inside the School of Chemical Engineering. They patrol undisturbed riding their motorcycles on the corridors, treat in vulgar against people, and bring in the police station 30 persons who were walking away from a student party. Later on, it is proved that none damage took place in the area of the School. As an immediate response, in Athens the rectorships in the University campus of Zografou district and the National Metsovian Polytechnical University on Patision Street set squatted.


 On 24th February, in Thessaloniki, after the end of the Strike mobilizations, a team of people returns back to the University and rip the bars preventing entry to it. Teams of MAT (riot-cops) invade two times in the area of Aristotele University of Thessaloniki, chasing the people until the entrance of the rectorship building.


 Groups of students and solidarists gather at the spot and decide to squat the building.


 The squat was for six days the coordination center for people struggling on issues of state violence and repression, attempting through the organized actions to open the question of asylum and to emphasize that this is not a matter of the academic community, but a matter of all oppressed people.


 Today, on Tuesday 2nd of March we participate in the demonstration and the gathering at the Polytechnic and we end the squatting of the Rectorship.


 We call for an assembly in the Polytechnic after the end of the demonstration to organize the continuation of our action.


attack against the asylum

means attack against freedom


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What's krauts do best? Censorshit!        actually one of the last posts of some friends of greek antarchy     on indymedia germoney:
They very often delete radical positions very fast but leave fascist shit, bourgois propaganda and anti-class student shit on their site and indymedia germany is full with "unimportant" bullshit.
No idea how it works: Do they ban ip-addresses and are by this also anti-collective?

Lots of real shit never shows up and if ya haven't made backup you`re fucked by these counter-revolutionary bastards cuz a good article can cost ya a whole day.
F.i. the following got deleted or never showed up, btw. it's happening often with shit regarding Greece, and it started Dec. 2008:


-Don't write any "conspiracies" like: The speculations against Greece could have a much more pervert reason why they attack Greece. May be they just take the most rebellious class segment on the continent to punish and disciplinate
-Don't write anythang regarding never paid war reparations, allthough fighting for this truth is  part of antifaschism and more than 60000 Greeks try legal ways about it
-Don't ask any questions regarding why they don't know about or they it should be the job of greek people to point to that (they did unheard for too long!)
-Don't write about a turkish fregate sailing close to Sounion/Athens whose job was to pick up Deutsche Bank Boss and Chief of german government Mr Ackermann who first stole "greek" money by speculating on desaster, then wins by selling the desaster to journalists of Focus and Stern and now wanna "help" Greece. This simply says that Deutsche Bank ended the cooperation with some Hedgefunds the last days.
-Don't link pics with Merkel and Papandreou hailing or showing with their arms how high inflation goes
-Don't write about a "rumourous" secret(?) video-conference of Merkel, Obama and Sarkozy regarding the speculations of Deutsche Bank and other Hedge-Funds to speculate Greece into the gutter
-Don't write that Merkel is a mass-murderer (Kundus) and Obama an all-american rascist (working for the 4 "races" asian, black, spanish and white while ignoring the 500 nations and tribes who own the land), also don't write that the UN in Manhattan is a bunch of hypocrites never asked any of the Mohawk, Iroques or Manhattan for allowance to stay there and don't point out that some people in reserves applauded and partied the 9/11
-Don't write that Germany should shut the fuck up cuz the Berlinale honors the child molester Roman Polanski, also don't try to connect jokes to that about why most of (hetero) german women shave their vagina
Don't write that Focus' Boss Markwart is a rascist cuz he now figured that it's a mistake to call a computer virus "Trojan" and it must be called "Greek". For years german douchebags never cared about this mistake, they also never cared about that the "Trojan Horse" never had this name given by any Greek. When will they figure that "Latte Macchiatto" isn't italian or that the trees in their "forests" called parks are full with bananas or that potatoes are not german but stolen from Indios?

-Don't bring up following names: Lidl, Aldi, Plus, Macro-Markt, Saturn, Siemens, Telekom, Hoch & Tief, Mediamarkt, Bilfinger & Berger (who steal 90% of the paid iron out of "their" concrete just like italian mafia)
-Don't try to warn about Bilfinger&Berger in eartquake troubled regions
-Never mention that Greece is an area of earthquakes
-Don't tell Kourkoneas "murderer"

Keep in mind that to be "anti-german" only means to be "pro-israel" but not "pro-greek"