Solidarity with the ZAD

Solidarity with the ZAD 1

[EN] Yesterday we made a visit to the buro of the local branch of VINCI. This concern wants to build a mega airport on the site of la ZAD (Zone à deféndre - zone to be protected), near Nantes. Against this there exists resistance for more than 40 years.


Since VINCI currently sues the last 7 "legal" (already disappropriated) residents to pay compensation money of about 200 euros per day and building, and there is a new and serieous eviction threat for the next weeks, we took this as an occasion for our small solidarity action. The VINCI buro in Neubaugasse 1, Vienna, was blocked with a tree with tree house that squashes an airplane underneeth it, and gave the buro the "award for the useless destruction of an ecosystem for profit". Also the whole staircase and postboxes of residents of the building were decorated with flyers. In austrian language to "plant somebody a tree" means to shit sb./to mess around with sb. No God, no state, no airport on la ZAD! Solidarity with la ZAD!