Greek revolt (update 23/01/10)


° Clashes with fascists in Ampelokipi district of Athens. Local organisations of the district have called for a protest close to the weekly open air market to condemn the rising up fascistic presence of the last months in the area and spread information to the people. Fifteen minutes before 12:00, time of the action beginning, 50 fascists with "autonomus nationalists" placats appeared with sticks and bottles, passed among the police officers without any problem and beated up three women, one of them 50 years old with serious injuries on her head. The police officers reacted only after people from the open air market started shouting to them to arrest the fascists. The pigs took 44 fascists to the central police station and  in the next days  they will appear in front of a prosecutor. They are accused for "breaking the social peace" and as it seems the state will try to use this arrest, so it will proved "how democratic is the government". fotos on


° Local organisations of Exarcheia district keep on their actions against drug dealing in the area. The last assembly took place on the square of Exarcheia, among the heroin addicted persons, who said that the cops enforced them to move in the area after the end of the cop occupation. The assembly plans daily events, as concerts and festivals, in the streets of Exarcheia and thinks of ways to keep away the cop dealers.


° "Supermarkets' Robin Hoods" action today in Chaidari district, Athens. 20 persons entered a big Supermarket, took away several basic needs' food and spreaded them around to poor people in the streets. For one more time, another "extremist left" action gets accepted from the so called common citizen.


° Alfredo Bonanno, revolutionary comrade and anarchist writer, refused today to take his insulin. Alfredo, 73 years old, is kept in prejail custody together with Christos Stratigopoulos accused for participating in an armed bank robbery. Despite that Christos Stratogopoulos has taken the responsibility of the robbery and that the doctors of Amfissa's medical center have found cancer on Alfredo's shoulder, the justice authorities still delay his request to set free because of the serious health problem. The position of the authorities is a straight action of revenge against a fighter and writer who has already influenced a lot of people.


° Clashes on Cyprus island between pupils and cops. The pupils gathered in front of the general pigs' station in memoriance of Vasilis Theakos who has lost his life after pigs used to chase him while he was driving a scooter. The pupils threw eggs, stones and fireworks against the building and the pigs responded with sound-shine granades. (we don't know yet if the granades are israelian or german ones)


° Open assembly of anarchists start organising actions in solidarity with FAU Berlin. In the beginning of Februar, a three-days assembly is already planed with the participation of many indypendent base's syndicates.


° A person from Albania hung himself in Korydallos jailhouse. He was prejailed for trying to murder and he was continuesly asking for psychological help during the last days. Another person from Albania lost his life on Kreta island while cops used to chase him. Because he did not have any papers to stay in Greece, he went on a roof-top to escape, from where he felt on the ground.


° One citizen from U.S.A. is blamed for looting the jewish synagoge and until now he is not found by the cops. Two citizens from U.K. and one citizen from Greece are accused for particapating also in the fascistic action. Before some days, U.S. State Department has published an announcment and was asking for signatures petition "to condemn the rising up antisimetism of the greek citizens".