Paul is remanded in custody

Free Paul

Statement of the support group for Paul
The antifascist activist Paul, who was arrested during the protest against the racist PEGIDA at Marienplatz on July 20th 2015, is still on remand. The 24-year-old activist from Munich is still imprisoned at JVA-Stadelheim (see press release from 23.07.). Additionally to the absurd original accusations regarding a violation of the bavarian law for assembly, another charge has been added. He has allegedly been caught „dumpster diving“ at a supermarket. While doing so, he was carrying a legal Pepperspray, which is now held against him as „theft with a weapon“.


The gutter press and police try to picture Paul as some sort of criminal. While the police writes about Paul carrying a „switchblade knife“, the press simply adapts this information without any confirmation. Such a „switchblade knife“ does not appear anywhere in the official charges, though.
His Lawyer already filed a complaint against the remand. Instead of dealing with it within 3-4 days, the court defeated the request after 10 days.

The main trial will take place on September 15th 2015 at Amtsgericht Munich. In case of conviction Paul would face at least one year in prison. This situation is part of a series of repression against leftists in Bavaria. The previous sentences regarding the protests against PEGIDA speak for themselves.

We demand freedom for Paul and the end of intimidation and repression! On September 12th at 2pm, starting at Karlsplatz/Stachus, there will be a supra-regional demonstration in solidarity with Paul and an assembly in front of the court building on the day of the trial.