Set them free! Hamburg comrade in jail in Copenhagen

Schafft Rote Hilfe! Solidarität, yeah!

Our friend and comrade Christian was arrested by plain-clothes police officers on 12th December as part of the resistance against the climate summit (cop15) in Copenhagen. He appeared in court today (13th December) and is charged with charged §119 (assault on a police officer), §134a (public disorder), §245 (violence of a dangerous kind) and §291 (wilful damage) and has been remanded in custody for 3 weeks. He will appear in court again on 4th January. The judge will then decide, whether he will be remanded again or deported.

Christian is currently in Vaestre prison. A fast and uncomplicated way of sending him a message of solidarity is emailing ABC Copenhagen. For further questions and information:

There are further people who have been remanded in custody.

More than 900 people were arrested on 12th December in Copenhagen. However, most of them have been released. This massive repression by the Danish police and army didn't stop today either.

Stand in solidarity with Christian and the other prisoners!

No prison! No State!

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