KüfA and InfoEvent on the live in camps

Corasol antira Küfa

Second chance this week to get informed on what life in camps actually implies.

Thursday 28/05/2015 @ B-Lage (Mareschstr. 1, Neukölln)

8pm: Good food with peanut sauce, rice and dought balls.

9pm: Corasol activists will present what the life in the camps implies.

"Flüchtlingsunterkunft", "Heim", "Lager": No matter what you call it, the reality is the same:

stress, isolation, crammed accomodation without privacy, permanent surveillance by the security and frequent visits from police...


Corasol activists will present their experiences and explain what life in the camp implies.

At the same time they will present initatives like Solizimmer or Flüchtlinge willkommen which offer alternatives.

As always we invite you to discuss with us. Come with your ideas and questions!


Infos: http://corasol.blogsport.de/