2nd of may "Danube Channel for everyone - Let's take back the city!"

Reclaim the Streets

A few weeks ago it became known, that sinister forces are working on plans, to turn one of the last green sites at the danube chanell into a „Beach-Club-Restaurrrrrant“. The green site is supposed to become a 800 seat single story bulding, open all the year round and sold to us as a project demanded by the „common people“. On sunny days, people already have to squeeze by the various Beachbars. These bars grow every year and another little piece of public spacegets privatized.


We can witness this development not only at the danube channel: The „Kaiserwiese“ (a green site at the praterstern) was destroyed by the city and it's subsidary the „Prater GesmbH, a part of the Augarten-Park was sold to the „Vienna Choirboys“. At the Krieau new housing estates threaten to swallow more parts of the green Prater and also the Wagenplatz Treibstoff, a squatted caravan site which is threatened by eviction.


Enough is Enough! We've had enough of the prescribed misery. Enough of the commercial bullshit, which is served to us as culture. Enough of the eradication of public space. We'v had enough of a city, which claims to only have room for the people with the right papers and enough money.



To confront these on goings, on the 2nd of may we will shape the danube channel according to our ideas: With great music, people's reading session, movie screenings, infotables, graffiti and much more. The „Much More!“ - part highly depends on you: You have infomaterial, you want to organise a workshop, feel like cooking, own sound equipment you can provide for musicians...? Get in contact using our mail, our phone number or just get started!


We are no attendants and don't offer public service, but we hope to create a day together. For example this means, that we will cook but won't be able tto distribute food to hundreds of people. So fill up your picnic baskets, cool down some drinks and bring your crew! We hope, that this fest will be a place to find companions for new adventures. Therfore take care of each other, so we can be dangerous together.


Until the 2. may – the future is still unwritten!



Info-Telefon: +43 677 612 428 10

Mail: donaukanalisation@riseup.net


We want to use to use this opportunity to highlight the streetparty of the anarchist library, in Pfeilgasse which is happening on the 1st of May and also the acute threat of eviction the Wagenplatz Treibstoff is facing.