In defence of our land and our freedoms

Ghillar Michael Anderson

This is an appeal for everyone in this country [Australia]: supporters, unions, church groups and all people who believe in freedom and justice to attend a May Day National Day of Protest to commence at 11am at the Civic Centre, Canberra with a march to the lawns of new Parliament House.  Let's make it a million man, woman and child march. When you come to understand Aboriginal Law, culture and society you will find that we have very strong Laws that prevented over populating within each of our Nations. We did this because we understood the harshness of this land and our Rules ensured us that we live within our means, as was determined by our Creators.


Media Release 30 March 2015

In defense of our land and our freedoms

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, Head of State of the Euahlayi Republic and co-founder of the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy said from Goodooga today:

May Day marches: Forcibly removing our Peoples from their lands cannot be accepted as a remedy for the Governments of Australia who are currently trading insolvent.

This is an appeal for everyone in this country: supporters, unions, church groups and all people who believe in freedom and justice to attend a May Day National Day of Protest to commence at 11am at the Civic Centre, Canberra with a march to the lawns of new Parliament House. This is our right. This is Australia's autumn revolution. Let's make it a million man, woman and child march. This is our future. Let's tell the government how this country must commence healing, which we lead us to a healthy future. More May Day actions across Australia are being co-ordinated through sosblakaustralia on Facebook [].

Australia is an island continent that has the oldest living culture on earth.

We talk about the modern world catastrophies, such as human interference and destruction of the natural environment and ecosystems, which is leading to climate change; the mass destruction of our Mother Earth and her children, which we all know as Nature. This includes greed and corruption.

Prior to the first illegal British boat peoples' arrival we had laws and social systems across the entire continent that prevented any form of destruction to Mother Nature and we had severe penalties to deal with perpetrators who transgressed our Rules.

When you come to understand Aboriginal Law, culture and society you will find that we have very strong Laws that prevented over populating within each of our Nations. We did this because we understood the harshness of this land and our Rules ensured us that we live within our means, as was determined by our Creators.

We now have governments, State, Territory and Commonwealth, trading insolvently and digging deeper into our pockets to pay their bills. If the governments were corporations, each politician in government would be prosecuted for knowingly trading while insolvent.

Another matter that is important that the Australian public has little or no knowledge of is that Australian governments, both Labor and Liberal/National, have committed treason against their people, by registering the 'Commonwealth of Australia' as a corporation under American law with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

[File No: 0000805157 – see CIK=0000805157&action=getcompany]

Having done this the Commonwealth of Australia has registered the Australian constitution as the corporation's constitution, while identifying that the State and Territory governments are its subsidiary companies, all of whom have company numbers in the US Securities and Exchange Commission as well. You, the citizens of Australia, are the members of the 'Commonwealth of Australia' corporation and they profess that when you vote in the national election for government you are also electing your corporate directors. All done without any public approval and in most cases without any prior knowledge. In other words, the Commonwealth's governments, past and present, have severely compromised the sovereignty of the colonial government.

This is further complicated by the mass sell off of assets, including infrastructure. Not only Aboriginal communities are suffering. Farmers throughout Australia are under severe pressure and sufferance because Australia's harsh environment has brought almost all to their knees and farming in most parts of Australia is now a doubtful economic enterprise and if droughts continue, because of climate change, farming will be unsustainable.

The way in which the debtors and the government are dealing with this is to sell our land to foreign investors, as well as the water.

I should point out that the 'National Indigenous Estate' represents 22% of Australia's land mass and approximately 25% of Australia's income from carbon credits. Governments can't help from stealing from Aboriginal Peoples. [Maps:]


It should be noted that very few Aboriginal people know that this is the case and, in fact, many non-Aboriginal farmers do benefit financially from these funds as they are given out through various land catchment management authorities in each of the States, to help them fence off some riparian areas. We do know this is being abused, particularly when we see the fencing off of RTA roads, including Traveling Stock Routes (TSRs) in western New South Wales .

Now I wish to comment about Aboriginal reserves and Aboriginal owned lands throughout Australia. As early as the 1800s government geologists knew exactly where a lot of mineral wealth was located and reserved these mineral deposits, by creating massive Aboriginal reserves, which restricted access to the areas by non-Aboriginal people, or others from traversing the land.

Despite Aboriginal people now owning land under existing State land titles, the Western Australian government, in particular, defies domestic and international legal norms in respect to privately held lands. In the case of Western Australia almost one third of the State is in the exclusive possession of Aboriginal Peoples and their Nations, but this seems to be irrelevant to the Western Australian government, which is forcibly shutting down, and planning to shut down, essential services to homelands, which negatively impacts on the Peoples' ability to remain on Country.

Now that the governments are trading insolvent it is evident that they need to bypass the Australian High Court decision in Mabo (No. 2) and ignore Aboriginal land titles, in order to prop up the country's ailing economy through mining. We all know that the Australian economy is like an unlanced boil on the human body, constantly aching and weeping with no apparent nor immediate cure, and the elected politicians are bereft of any ideas as to turn this around. The economy is deteriorating unabated.

Forcibly removing our Peoples from their homelands and communities cannot be accepted as a remedy. The actions by the Federal government in the face of the Northern Territory Intervention and the Western Australian government's actions, and more recently in South Australia, are acts of tyrannical despots.

The term 'May Day' is the international distress signal and our SOS to the United Nations, through letters to the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon dated 3 March 2015 and 20 March 2015, are calls to defend our freedoms, our rights and to avert the developing humanitarian crisis ,by stopping the genocide which is currently perpetrated by:

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; ...

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.



[for brief background of the 1948 Genocide Convention see]

This is a call for all people to support fully the callout for May Day marches:

  • to 'Stop Forced Closure of Aboriginal Homelands and communities' across South Australia and Western Australia, by shutting off service deliveries of water, electricity and garbage collection etc. [];

  • to stop the sell off of our lands and waters to foreign investors;

  • to bring an immediate end to the military imposed intervention in the Northern Territory, and;

  • to stop removing First Nations children and using them as a commodity of exchange for mostly non-Aboriginal recipients.

We are in dire circumstances. A situation that can no longer be ignored.

The gravity of our situation in an international perspective is summed up by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Judge Trindade in his Separate Opinion in the Kosovo Case on 22 July 2010 [Accordance with international law of the unilateral declaration of independence in respect of Kosovo (Request for Advisory Opinion)]:

In his separate judgement Judge Trindade concluded at paragraphs 205-208:

205. Grave breaches of fundamental human rights (such as mass killings, the practice of torture, forced disappearance of persons, ethnic cleansing, systematic discrimination) are in breach of the corpus juris gentium, as set forth in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration (which stand above the resolutions of the United Nations political organs), and are condemned by the universal juridical conscience. Any State which systematically perpetrates those grave breaches acts criminally, loses its legitimacy, and ceases to be a State for the victimized population, as it thereby incurs into a gross and flagrant reversal of the humane ends of the State.


206. Under contemporary jus gentium, no State can revoke the constitutionally guaranteed autonomy of a “people” or a “population” to start then discriminating, torturing and killing innocent persons, or expelling them from their homes and practising ethnic cleansing — without bearing the consequences of its criminal actions or omissions. No State can, after perpetrating such heinous crimes, then invoke or pretend to avail itself of territorial integrity ; the fact is that any State that acts this way ceases to behave like a State vis-à-vis the victimized population.


207. An international organization of universal vocation and scope of action like the United Nations, created on behalf of the peoples of the world (supra), is fully entitled to place under its protection a population that was being systematically discriminated against, and victimized by grave breaches of human rights and international humanitarian law, by war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is fully entitled, to my understanding, to assist that population to become master of its own destiny, and is thereby acting in pursuance of its Charter and the dictates of the universal juridical conscience.


208. In a historical context such as the one under review, the claim to territorial integrity, applicable in inter-State relations, is not absolute as some try to make one believe. If one turns to intra-State relations, territorial integrity and human integrity go together, with State authority being exercised harmoniously with the condition of the population, aiming to fulfil their needs and aspirations. Territorial integrity, in its intra-State dimension, is an entitlement of States which act truly like States, and not like machines of destruction of human beings, of their lives and of their spirit 216. By the same token, self-determination is an entitlement of “peoples” or “populations” subjugated in distinct contexts (not only that of decolonization) systematically subjected to discrimination and humiliation, to tyranny and oppression. Such condition of inhumane subjugation goes against the Universal Declaration and the United Nations Charter altogether. It is in breach of the Law of the United Nations.

Governments are beholden to the people who elect them, not the greed of corporations. Everyone has a responsibility to end genocide, the worst crime in the world.


Ghillar Michael Anderson

Convenor and Joint Spokesperson of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic 0427 292 492


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