[Erfurt] Appeal for manifestation at the 04.03. at 9 pm against deportation at Stauffenbergallee 25

Erfurt: Alle bleiben

Dear solidarian people, On monday, the 23.02.2015, the deportation of family C. had been stopped by the protest of many people. Now the Ausländerbehörde Erfurt said, the deportation has to be done at the 04.03.2015. Against this we call you for coming at 9 pm to the Stauffenbergallee 25 in Erfurt.


Even before the official stop of deportations in winter in Thuringia ends in March, the asylum agency tries to take people out of Germany by force. This violent behavior starts in a psychological way by the omnipresent fear of being deported and finds its peak in deporting people by police forces. The case of family C. is grounded on the Dublin III regulation by the EU. It says that asylum seeking people can't choose where to hand in their asylum request – they have to do this in the first EU-country which they enter. Germany uses this regulation to refuse its responsibility for refugees and leave it to other states around Germany. A human being has to be six months in Germany, before an asylum request can be prooved here. This time limit ends for family C. at 05.03.2015. Till then there's the all the time the danger to be deported to Czech Republic. Take all your friends and come to Stauffenbergallee 25 in Erfurt at the 04.03.2015 at 9 pm and let us show together what we think about the german culure of fear and deportation. Such an deportation can last a long time. So please be prepared for a long night. With solidarian greetings the friends of family C. Contact list: