Monday demonstration for refugees safety and against racism

Refugees welcome

Last Monday the fundamental right of freedom of assembly was ruled out in Dresden for a whole day. Now the PEGIDA participants appear to proceed with their march next week. After all recent events, after the continuing attacks on supposed migrants and asylum seekers, we do not want to refrain from loud protest nor do we want our demands to be absorbed into purely symbolic protest. We want to take the street together with those people, who are affected by the racist conditions, instead of trying to safe the image of Dresden through meaningless symbolism.


We have no master plan about how to deal with the racist climate and its excess PEGIDA. Nevertheless, we find it necessary to actively oppose the racist normalicy we are facing. Therefore, we ask you to join us at our demonstration in Dresden next Monday 26 January. We will gather at 4.30 pm at Hauptstrasse /Goldener Reiter.


At the demonstration, take into account the participation of people with different residence statuses.

Show Solidarity with all people affected by racism.
Come to Dresden!
No one is illegal!

Initiative “Remembering Khaled”

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