Proclamation of the Sentence in trial on "Human Smuggling"

Helping is not a crime

4th of December: Proclamation of the Sentence in trial on "Human Smuggling" Please join to Show solidarity! Train to Wiener Neustadt on Thursday at 08:03am from Vienna Meidling

On the 4th december 2014 a decision in the trial against the eight accused of „Schlepperei“/human smuggling is expected. The last months gave a lot of proof, but not against the accused. Instead the racism of the investigating cops, the judge and other authorities was shown. Examples are wrong translations, the long time of detention while awaiting trial and the incomprehension of the situation of migrants in Austria.
After the first days of trial, the trialit was postponed for a month because of the chaotic files. Afterwards evidence for the enormous amounts of money that should have been topic of the trial due to the authorities could not be found. It came out, that some of the accused had not known each other before they came to prison for being a criminal association together with some other „unknown offenders“ in Greece and Hungary.
„Schlepperei“/Human Smuggling (§114 FPG) is based on the criminalization of migration and the illegalization of persons because it punishes the support of border crossing. This support is necessary in a world system with strictly controlled borders and restricting sylum and visa laws.

Why should I go to Wiener Neustadt?
For the accused the attendance of persons observing the trial in solidarity is a big support. Since they were arrested in July 2013 shortly after some activists of the refugee movement in Vienna were deported, their daily life is determined by the routines of the court. A sentence could have negative consequences on the asylum cases of the accused. This trial should not pass in silence as too many others. Let the authorities know that their decision is not unobserved. No matter what decision the judge will make, we won’t top fighting for a world without borders, capitalism and racism.The trial is ope to public, so you can enter court without showing any paper or ID-card.

Don’t leave the accused alone, show your solidarity!
De-Criminalise Migration!

4.12., 2014, 9.00, Landesgericht Wiener Neustadt, Schwurgerichtssaal
(train at 08:03, Wien Meidling)