Marco Camenisch: Hungerstrike

Hungerstrike: From 30.12.2013 until at least the 4.01.2014 I, mc, will absolve a hungerstrike in the prison-camp Lenzburg:


- As a general contribution to the struggle against repression

- As unified struggle of all and across revolutionary tendencies;

- And within this, more specifically, against the very severe, perfidious and consequential harassment and provocation by the management of the CH-Nazi-justice-forced labor camp Lenzburg with an "arrest" from the 30.12.2013 until (at least) the 4.1.2014 and a PC robbery (half a year) because of refusing to give a urine sample.

- As a contribution against the class war from above (WEF - Davos 21. - 24.1.2014) and in the struggle for total liberation.


More is being prepared.

m.c., prison-camp L.B., CH, 1.1.2014

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