Ort: Banjul

17.04.2016 Gambia: Death in detention of key political activist
17.04.2016 Live Update: Gambia’s Opposition Launch Protest Against Jammeh
17.04.2016 Calm Returns To Gambia Amidst Opposition Crackdown
23.08.2016 Erneut gambischer Oppositioneller in Haft gestorben
27.08.2016 UN Rights Chief Deplores Gambia Opposition Detainee Death
27.08.2016 Gambia Urged To Release Political Detainees After New Death In State Custody
30.08.2016 Gambia: Flucht aus dem Land der Angst
14.12.2016 Gambias Langzeitpräsident ficht Wahlergebnis an
17.01.2017 Gambia: Migration from Greater Banjul Intensifies
23.01.2017 Rousing celebration after President Adama Barrow’s swearing in
13.03.2017 140 Gambians stranded in Libya return, says Interior Minister
21.04.2017 Solo’s Protest Is A Defining Moment
27.04.2017 Gambia: My husband is still detained
23.05.2017 Gambia, NIA 9 Trial: State urged to produce witness or risk closure of case
24.05.2017 Gambia: Jammeh’s memory is being effaced
02.06.2017 Gambia: “The Nine ‘Junglers’ Arrested Are With The Military Police, They Are Serving Members Of The Military” Police PRO
05.06.2017 Gambia: One dead, six injured in Kanilai demo
06.06.2017 ECOMIG forces in Gambia for another one year
12.06.2017 Gambia: Court Grants Kanilia Protesters Bail
17.07.2017 Gambia: Interior Minister Laments on Deplorable Condition of Mile Two Prisons
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is Marabout Manneh Alive?
17.07.2017 Gambia: National Assembly Members on garbage situation
20.07.2017 Gambia: NIA 9 trial adjourned for adoption of briefs
05.08.2017 Gambia: Junctions Turn to Dumpsites
05.08.2017 31 Gambians Deported From Libya
05.08.2017 Gambia: Nemakunku man dies in police custody
14.08.2017 Gambia: Ending Impunity