Gambia: Migration from Greater Banjul Intensifies

Migration Intensifies - people leaving the urban areas in Gambia

Natives of the rural regions of The Gambia and the sub regions who have settled in the Greater Banjul Area are migrating back to their various destinations in the rural areas and beyond to other parts of West Africa.

By Nelson Manneh

At the Bundung garage on the 15 January, 2017 it was observed that the people, including children and the elderly were departing en masse to elsewhere in The Gambia or beyond the borders to other destinations where they feel more secure.

Speaking to Foroyaa, one Fatoumatta Fofana, a native of Casamance residing in Bakoteh, said in The Gambia, the situation is not promising at all and she is leaving here with her children and father in-law. According to her, her husband is not around and the father in-law is in his old age. ‘’President Jammeh should know now that the Gambians are not in for him, he should hand over power to Adama Barrow; the power he is holding does not belong to him it belongs to the people, ’’ she asserted. Madam Fofana said the outgoing President should be grateful to the people of The Gambia as 22 years is not 22 days or 22 months and people were behind him whole heartedly.  She said President Jammeh has nothing to complain about as the elections were free and fair.

Pa Malick Jallow, a native of Fula Bantang residing in Brufut, said President Jammeh has simply disappointed the people of The Gambia. He said he has done what is not expected of him to the people. ‘’The security of the Gambian people is at stake and the outgoing President should know that anybody who dies at this moment, he will be held accountable for the act,’’ Jallow lamented. He therefore called on all Gambians to entrust their lives in the hands of President Jammeh.