Gambia: Is Marabout Manneh Alive?


Family members of Alhagie Baboucarr Manneh, a marabout by profession, are concerned and worried, wondering whether their father is still alive.


By Mustapha Jallow

Tijan Manneh, the son, said his father’s relatives went to search for him when the new government was releasing detainees but all their frantic efforts went in vain.  The family of the missing marabout expressed grief and described their current predicament as traumatizing and worrisome as their loved one is still nowhere to be seen or heard.

Marabout Manneh was arrested in 1999 by men in plain clothes in Banjul while on his way to Serekunda. Amadou Tijan Manneh, a son of the marabout told Foroyaa that his father is a Senegalese national who was residing in Banjul, where he worked as a marabout. He said since his abduction, they have never heard from their father or know of his place of detention.