Spontaneous Demo in Freiburg: Out with the Winter, Bring on the Spring!

Auf der Blauen Brücke

Demonstration against gentrification, capitalism and Nazis in Freiburg

On the evening of the 20th of March the Autonomist scene had a spontaneous demo. Around 100 left-wing protesters went on the streets with sound-systems, a variety of beverages and banners. The demonstration supports the aims for more autonomous social centres (Freiraum) and affordable housing. On the improvised route through the city centre visits were made to the city hall, the Deutsche Bank and a local Fascist.


Since the Start of 2010 there is a “free space” campaign (Freiraumkampagne) due to the need for more self-organised social centres and against the miserable housing politic in Freiburg: “Houses, Places, Everything. - Squat. Collectivise. Self-Organise.” The aim of the campaign is provoke a debate about gentrification and to show the need for, and get more autonomous social space. After a squat party in a condemned house in the Güntertallstraße 30 on the 6th of March, there was symbolic squat action in a empty newly renovated house at Güntertalstraße 9 on the 12th of March.


In the night of the 21st of March a group of activists gathered in the Haslach area of the city and started a reclaim-the-streets, through the city centre and then to Stühlinger district. It was a type of night dance convention to electro music. The cops were pretty demure, until a couple of paint-eggs hit the Deutsche Bank and some fireworks lit up the night. Still they only filmed cautiously from the side streets.


After the demo had been to the city hall and visited the central railway station, it then went over the “Blaue Brücke” (the Blue Bridge) to Stuhlinger part of town. This was to visit the local Nazi Jonathan Stumpf in the Wentzingerstraße 82. Speeches were held to make the local populous aware of the activities of the member of „Heidnischen Sturm Pforzheim“ (Heathen Storm Pforzheim).


The demonstration then ended back where it all began, where a CCTV camera also met its end. Some people were controlled by the cops that had now gathered in larger numbers, but the reclaim-the-streets was over, and for any real repression, it was too late.


Solidarity with the struggle for for self-organised space in Grenoble, Berlin, Zürich and everywhere.


Häuser. Plätze. Alles.

Case. Spazi. Tutto.

Houses. Spaces. Everything.