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More than two years have passed since Til Schweiger obtained the closure of Since that time, it’s been more difficult to create an overview – and to definitively give some courage. Indymedia Linksunten is used and considered by many as a platform, but texts published on it soon become archived on back pages. Chronics in ‘underground notebooks’ or listings by topics create an overview from time to time. Much remains unnoticed, especially without a claim of responsibility in it’s stride. Therefore the city dweller receives hardly any agitation news happening in the country and in their own environment, if they do not take the trouble to study the tabloids and cop dispatches.

Overcome the isolation, creating suggestions

With this overview, we want it devoid as much as possible of any standard, calling to counteract the proven impotence and isolation that we so often hear of: lots of things going on!

As was already the case with ‘direct action from': this website is independent of each group or individual whose actions will be published here, and vice versa. To contribute a translation, reference, link, etc… you can contact us.

Abolish borders, overcome language barriers

One of the goals of our blog will focus on translations. Contrainfo is certainly  for us as for many an important resource. of France is less known but has the idea to collect translations in several languages with a large forum of actions and constitutes an example. How busy the category of foreign languages will be depends on you and your contributions!

Some remarks on the usage

To seperately obtain translations in English, you can select the language by clicking on ‘English‘, in the top right column. On the main page, you’ll find articles in all languages categorised in chronological order according to date of action. The German chronicle will be a bit clearer after having selected the  language ‘Deutsch‘ (top right).

A list of locations categorised by number of entries is located at the bottom right on each page. To filter according to city, click on the tag clould, for example ‘Berlin‘ or ‘Leipzig‘, and you’ll get a chronological list of news from the selected city. Unfortunately, the choice of language and filtering by city can’t be combined.

In the calendar, you can select seperate days to display for example March 17th. The days with publications are highlighted in the calendar. Contributions partly contain videos taken and other small details from the press, as well as claims of responsibility, police information and press links.

You can write to us via our email address or contact form. If you can’t find an action from 2015 or don’t see a translation or have a suggestion, write to us!

Wishing you pleasure, ideas and force!


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