(TÜ) Note of solidarity to the struggling people in Europe and beyond

01.07.2015 // Euer Kampf ist unser Kampf

Your struggle is our struggle. We recognize the rising struggle of people all across Europe, against austerity, for better working conditions or the right of free movement.

Even in the heart of the beast people are slightly going to break the national consensus of “social partnership” as you can see in different strikes like in the social sector, at the postal service or at Charité Berlin. In Germany the struggle for better working conditions seems to get more important.

Meanwhile in Greece the leaders of Syriza want to create a “better”capitalism without the austerity measures of the Troika. On Sunday the referendum will clarify the future of Greece. We encourage the movements in Greece wich fight against austerity. But we think that for a real change it is necessary to get rid of capitalism – not just of the Troika.

Greetings from Tuebingen to all our comrades!

LevelUP and friends