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At the 16th of February 2013 from 8 pm once again the rally against the European Police Congress will take place. During the upcoming days we will serve breaking news to keep you updated. On the 16th of February we will inform you through an extensive ticker system about what’s going on in Kreuzberg/ on the streets, so you can keep on track and stay ready to act. Inform yourself be on time, because we wanna have a dynamic rally and prevent the cops to be proactive.


After a intensive consultation about the conduct of compatible protest, we desided that there is no way to register the demonstration on the 16th of February. It would be intolerable after all these incidents in the past to let a protest against the destruction of freedom and deadly repression been confirmed by the authority who is responsible for all this.


- Call for action: 1 (english) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (german) | 7 (polnish)  | 8 (spanish) | 9 (french)


- Actions in advance (de): Anschlag auf Optimal Systems | Anschlag auf DEGEWOTelekom markiertSchlag gegen Berliner OrdnungsamtAnschlag auf Bundeswehrfahrzeug in FFM | Mobiaktion zum Polizeikongress (mit Video)


- Erklärung zur Nicht-Anmeldung


- Informationen und Texte zum Kongress





For this demonstration without official approval there are lots of possible outcomes:


a) The cops act reasonably and leaves us alone so that we can demonstrate in peace.

a2) The cops let us gather but then demand the name of a person who is responsible – then we will do what we want to do.

b) The cops close down Mariannenplatz or use violence to stop the demonstration – in this case we'll meet at Lausitzer Platz at 8:30pm and start a demonstration in towards Ohlauer Straße.

c) The cops destroy our demonstration, we are not able to meet peacefully and it is impossible to demonstrate spontaneously in our hood – in this case we propose a decentralised action concept which we already exercised during the eviction of Liebig 14.





8pm punctual!  Mariannenplatz Berlin-Kreuzberg


Mariannenplatz Berlin






In preparation for the "police congress in Berlin" people all over the world gathered to destroy CCTV-cams as in the "Camover" Campagne...
"The state apparatus is right to fear such movements, and they struggle to defend "stability" while conveniently protecting their assets. It’s about power, and not about values and rights. But we can defend ourselves against the state and against corporations and take away their sight! CAM OVER!

Here you can see the motivation-video:


The Game takes time from the 1th of January 2013 and ended punctual on the 19th / 20th of February for the the European Police Congress in Berlin. But the action can go on much longer of course, but than there will be no more gains: 
First prize is a place of honor in the front row at the rally against the European Police Congress; Consolation prize for all others is a free throw from the second row with all your captured surveillance cameras.





stress with the pigs?

If you get arrested on the 16th of February or witness the arrest of someone please call the legal team Berlin: 030 / 69 22222. They help with getting lawyers. In the case of an arrest don't talk to police or state attorneys except for your name and address but please nothing else. For more information on how to deal with police in Germany see the Reader

act decisively – stay together and take care of each other!

be on time!!!

16.02.2013 | 8pm | Mariannenplatz Berlin-Kreuzberg

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schwarz/grau-metallic Peugeot 308 (sw) wurde am Kotti von einer Person in zivil in die Mitte vom Kreis an den Treppen vorbei gefahren und dort geparkt. Der Zivi ist dann ausgestiegen und nach unten gegangen. Geschehen kurz nach den Festnahmen am Kotti um ca 22:20.