Texts in English – Februar 2017

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01.02.2017 “1, 2, 3, Sovereignty, that's how easy it can be!”
02.02.2017 [B] In Spite of their separation
02.02.2017 Youths hold standoff protest demanding NAMs to resign
02.02.2017 Three More Reasons To Visit The Gambia This Winter
02.02.2017 Gambia: Thomas Cook arrives with 233 tourists in Banjul
02.02.2017 Gambia: Barrow swears in new cabinet, one coalition party missing
03.02.2017 Gambia: The Coalition Government in the Making
04.02.2017 Renzo Novatore - I am also a Nihilist
05.02.2017 Nuclear and climate news to 4 February
05.02.2017 Berlin leftists at Rigaer 94 win another court battle
05.02.2017 Gambia: Apprentice Flogged at Fajara Barracks
05.02.2017 Solidarity saves trees in Cologne
06.02.2017 Queensland government won't pay $220,000 damages to Aboriginal protest leader
06.02.2017 Katholische Kirche - Tausendfacher Kindesmissbrauch in Australien
06.02.2017 Documentary Video: Project Phoenix (English subtitles)
06.02.2017 Let smoke signals speak…French diplomatic vehicle torched
06.02.2017 What should you think about when using Facebook?
07.02.2017 Bern: Local jail and police van attacked with paint bombs
07.02.2017 Prisoner resistance in Turkey
08.02.2017 The real showdown begins over monster coal mine in Queensland
08.02.2017 Freedom for Mahmoud A.
09.02.2017 Bremen: Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) vehicle torched
09.02.2017 Antifascist from Belarus needs your support!
10.02.2017 First Indigenous woman appointed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
10.02.2017 Melbourne protest against three proposed uranium mines in Western Australia
12.02.2017 France: How union leaders destroyed the movement against El Khomri
13.02.2017 Stolen generation continues - No to the removal of Yolngu citizens
13.02.2017 Update: Freedom for Mahmoud A.
13.02.2017 Man jailed 16 months, and counting, for refusing to decrypt hard drives
13.02.2017 Overview about recent development of repression in spain
14.02.2017 Aboriginal leaders seek new relationship with the Australian government
14.02.2017 Changing native title law to facilitate monster 200 km2 coal mine in Queensland
15.02.2017 Adani’s dark underbelly: bribery, vandalism, corruption, money laundering
16.02.2017 The anti-fascist martial arts movement: an introduction
17.02.2017 Riseup moves to encrypted email in response to legal requests.
17.02.2017 Guyula names kids he says are part of second stolen generation
17.02.2017 Aboriginal children 'stolen' from Yolngu communities a protection system failure, Mark Guyula says
18.02.2017 Gabby Wanambi's death from sepsis preventable with appropriate treatment, Northern Territory coroner says
18.02.2017 Athens: Responsibility claim for 6 coordinated incendiary attacks by CCF – Incendiary Destabilization Outbreaks / FAI-IRF
19.02.2017 Land rights not mining rights
19.02.2017 KLM refuses seven passengers following Trump's muslim ban/KLM accomplice to discrimination
19.02.2017 Invitation to the 2nd open assembly against the G20
20.02.2017 Arson attack on a police station against the Police Congress & the G20 Summit
20.02.2017 Gambia: The Release of Detainees and Investigation on the State of Disappeared Persons
20.02.2017 Gambia: Why Yahya Jammeh and Co should be prosecuted
20.02.2017 Protests and attacks against the CIGEO nuclear disposal project in Bure
20.02.2017 [Gambia] “I was beaten and sustained injuries on my back” Madi M.K.Ceesay
20.02.2017 Gambia: President Adama Barrow orders release of 171 prisoners
21.02.2017 Rise Up against fascism
21.02.2017 1,000 Australians tell Westpac bank to stop funding Adani’s dangerous coal mine
21.02.2017 How European pension funds sustain Israeli occupation
21.02.2017 [Gambia] APRC Gov’t left D48B debt, says Finance Minister
21.02.2017 President Barrow Unveils His Vision For The Gambia
21.02.2017 University of The Gambia Organises Independence Symposium
22.02.2017 Solidarity with the riots in Rinkeby, Stockholm
22.02.2017 Amnesty International condemns Australian treatment of Aborigines and refugees
22.02.2017 ARNA: New anticapitalist Alliance against the G20 summit and beyond
24.02.2017 Grassroots Aboriginal movement in New South Wales squashes ‘Recognise’
24.02.2017 Nuclear, uranium and energy/climate news 23/2/2017
24.02.2017 Call for support at the court
24.02.2017 Gambia: Daba Marena’s Wife Questions the whereabouts of her Husband ...
24.02.2017 Gambia: IEC chairman speaks to the political parties ahead of N/A elections
24.02.2017 Gambia Arrests Head Of Intelligence Agency Linked To Killings
24.02.2017 Gambia: Ex-Spy Chief, Others Remanded For ‘Killing’ Solo Sandeng
26.02.2017 Nuclear Power Is In Crisis As Cost Overruns Cripple Industry Giants
27.02.2017 "One of the vilest racist acts we've seen"
27.02.2017 Solidariy with Théo! Cops, outside of our lives!
28.02.2017 Gambia: A serious allegation that needs investigation
28.02.2017 Gambia: Striking GMC Staff Complain of Unfair Treatment
28.02.2017 Break isolation! Support the protest of refugees. Come all to camp horst at 03.03.