Solidarity with our Egyptian anarchist comrades !

"Social Libertarian Movement" in Ägypten

Founded May 23, 2011 in Cairo, in the heart of the Egyptian revolution, The Social Libertarian Movement, not content to effectively participate in the wave that would take away Mubarak and the government, continued to fight and grow, refusing to leave the street and power in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.


On the basis of a draft of a classless society, free of state and capitalism, Egyptian comrades took an active part in the recent demonstrations opposing the president Morsi, through, inter alia, an Egyptian black bloc that did not hesitate to confront the police. Several activists from The Socialist Libertarian Movement were arrested during these days of rioting and produced before the courts.


Wednesday, January 23, at a public meeting in Alexandria court, the police in charge of monitoring the room suddenly charged the crowd without reason (beatings and arrests). Among the 31 people arrested, four comrades of The Socialist Libertarian Movement. These comrades are :

Mohamed Ezzdine
Amir Asaad
Mohamed Albadri
Houssine Mohamed.


They are accused of conspiracy for action of vandalism, destruction of public property and use of violence against members of the police. They are all active members of MSL and are still imprisoned, waiting for a judgment as motive that their release may cause a disturbance of public order.

The Anarchist Federation gives its full support to the Egyptian Socialist Libertarian Movement in the struggle against oppression, whatever form it takes and express its solidarity with the comrades arrested and detained under arbitrary pretexts.


As well as the MSL, the Anarchist Federation accuses the Egyptian Ministry of Interior to abuse power and revenge the Egyptian anarchists and to be being behind these arrests the fascist government of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Despite the crackdown in Egypt as everywhere, our struggle will continue until the abolition of the state and capitalism !


Anarchist Federation (France), February 4, 2013.