[MA] Mehrsprachiges Flugblatt gegen Nazis und Bullen für die Antifa-Aktionen am 16.2. in der Neckarstadt

Mehrsprachiges Flugblatt

Stop the Nazi rally on Alter Messplatz!
Against racism in Neckarstadt and everywhere!

Saturday February 16th 2013 09AM Alter Messplatz, Mannheim-Neckarstadt
The NPD is planning a rally with Nazi music and racist speeches on Saturday February 16th 2013.  For months now the Nazis have agitated against migrants in Jungbusch and Neckarstadt. Everyone come to Alter Messplatz on Feb 16th to show the fascists that they are not welcome here! The already racist and anticiganist debate on migration from eastern europe has been a perfect opportunity for the NPD.

The Nazis have joined mayor Kurz in his demands for more police and surveilance.

As opposed to the german social-democratic party (SPD), the NPD however demands the deportation instead of the integration of the migrants. Already the atmosphere is heated in the neighbourhood, while the surveillance state is beeing armed further. Racist traffic checks, where predominantly vehicles with foreign plates or 'southern looking' passengers are beeing checked, are happening below Jungbuschbrücke almost every week.

Police are patrolling the streets. The established population expresses racist stereotypes against the new inhabitants of the neigbourhood, which they call 'gypsies'.
Just now, on the 68. anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz, we remembered the prosecuted Sinti and Romanies. After talking the talk, it is now time to walk the walk and to go in the offensive against this returning racism.

Let us not be divided! Our solidarity against the racism of government and nazis!

Everybody come to Alter Messplatz on Feb 16! Let us protest together against nazis, racism and the surveillance state and let's chase the nazis out of Neckarstadt!

Organize the antifascist self-defense!  Stop Nazi demonstrations! For a good life for everyone!

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