abschiebung verhindern [wien]

since the 12th january 2013 2 people are locked up at the detention center paz hernals in vienna. they were part of 4 refugees who are active at the refugee camp vienna, who where imprisoned directly at an anti-ra meeting. their deportation to hungary is planned to take place tomorrow, we want to stop it


Meeting point - PAZ Hernals - Hernalsergürtel 6 / U6 Alserstr.- tomorrow tuesday the 5th feb 9:30 am - share the information!


http://no-racism.net/article/4365/ festnahmen bei treffen am 12.01.2013

http://no-racism.net/article/4366/ bericht zu einer demo für die gefangenen - deutsch

http://no-racism.net/article/4369/ english article about a solidarity action for the detained refugees.