[D] Solidarity Action with Refugee Struggles

Solidarity with the Refugee Struggles

Solidarity with all struggles of Refugees for freedom, self-determination and a life in safety and dignity! 'Open Screening' in solidarity with the Europe-wide protests of refugees

Today, on the 3rd of December, we – that is a few activists from several groups and towns – gathered in Düsseldorf, simultaneously to the press conference of protesting refugees in Brussels, in order to demonstrate our solidarity with the spreading struggles for self-determination and a life in safety, against racism and systematic oppression of asylum seekers in Europe.


We also intended to contribute to additional publicity for the protests. Thus we handed out leaflets in the shopping streets of Düsseldorf and screened videos that reflected the several stages, forms of resistance and places of the protests over the past few months. The content of the leaflets can be read in the attachment(only german).


We are happy to have read today, that the people whose protest camp in Amsterdam-Osdorp was taken down by the police last Friday now squatted an empty church and continue their protest from there!

We wish all the activists in Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Australia and any other places further strength, courage and success with their struggle.


Your courage and intense solidarity sets an example for us!


(for information on the protests see, amongst others: www.refugeetentaction.net)