[Vienna] Declaration of Support and Solidarity with the Refugees in Protest

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Declaration of Support and Solidarity with the Refugees in Protest: On 24th November, a large group of refugees marched for 8 hours from Traiskirchen to Vienna to make their political demands heard. They’ve set up a protest camp at Sigmund Freud Park on the same Saturday, so as to raise their voices at the heart of the Austrian capital and finally speak for themselves.


Their initiative draws our attention to the fact that there are rampant deficiencies to the legal proceedings as well as basic provisions for people seeking Asylum in Austria. Despite their precarious status and the looming threat of deportation, the protesting refugees are fighting for their human rights – they’re standing up against intransparent legal proceedings and restrictive laws. So they put forth the following demands for dignified living conditions:

As concerning the juridicial procedure of seeking asylum, they request better qualified translators; more access to information and judicial advice in their own language; a quicker handling of their cases; the recognition of their refugee status; and the right to family reunion. They oppose transfers to remote and isolated dwellings and reject deportations generally.

Moreover, they are demanding to have access to the labour market while their court cases are ongoing.

As concerns the improvement of their basic provisions and services, they demand better access to health care; the accompanimient of translators when going to the doctor; that there be sufficient and healthy food at the camp; that there be better working conditions in Traiskirchen; that their children be allowed to visit regular Austrian schools; that they have access to modern communication technologies (Internet, international TV channels) at the camp; and that there be more opportunities for them to learn german and get professional training there.

In issuing this declaration, we aim to generate broader support for the refugee’s demands. We stand in firm solidarity with their courageous act of civil disobedience and with their struggles for more rights and democracy.

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