[Turin/SUSA] Arriving at the Reclaim The Fields Assembly while polices chases activists in Susa

Susa - 1

These days hundreds of activists from all over Europe are gathering at the Mezcal Sqaut in Turin for the Reclaim The Fiels General Assembly sceduled from the 29th of February until the 3th of March. Some of the activists arrived last weekend to work on the topic of seeds and to take part in the big manifestation with more then 75 000 other protesters last saturday. On the 27th of February an activist of the Valle di Susa Protest almost died during a police eviction and while I am writing these lines activists are little by little trickelling back into the squat - reporting from the teargas and watercanons used by the police to dissolve the barricades, set up by the protesters on the highway in the Susa valley.


I just arrived in the region and still search for some orientation. What is actually going on in the Valle di Susa? Are we actually going to make any productive assembly in the upcomming days regarding the RTF-Process or is this one of the moments where a constellation/networkdecides if it is part of the movement or if it sticks in discussions?


It is still to early for me to give any kind of introduction into the situation here in northern Italy but everyone I talk to is either very tired because (s)he is comming straight from the valle di Susa or enthusiastic about going there tomorrow. I hope that such a big group of international activists can help the local struggle and at least bring the word out to our communities back home.


Stay tuned! Look out for news from northern Italy! Show Solidarity!



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