Ellwangen: Outing Dominik Stürmer

Dominik Stürmer / NPD

Thursday 11/30/2016 the Antifa Ellwangen outet Neo-Nazi Dominik Stürmer (again). On the contrary to the last "silent" Outing this time up to 20 Anti-fascists with bengalos and paroles went to his (Stürmes) flat which is located in the Magdeburger Straße 17 and hold a short speech.


Here´s the speech:


Deer people of ellwangen, deer local residents,


we´d like to present you your neighbour who´s resident in Magdeburger Straße 27: Dominik Stürmer.

Dominik Stürmer is one of the most active Neo-nazis in whole South-Germany. He´s circle chair of the NPD Ostalb, such as member of the country council of NPD Baden-Württemberg. He´s on the NPD voting list as a top candidate for the 2017 elections. He also has good connections to fascist in all Germany and other european countries.

Regional, he surrounds himself with persons of the fanscene of VFR Aalen, in which he has a very strong influence. His connection to the facist party "Der dritte Weg" (=the third way) in Göppingen and environs, which is the succesor of the forbidden "Autonome Nationalisten Göppingen(ANGP)" (=Autonomic Nationalists of Göppingen) movement.

Dominik Stürmer may see himself as a serious politician, but when you have a closer look you will notice, that this is a lie. This gets clear when you have a look at the attacks on dissenters, at his participation on violant demonstration like the one at the 1st May 2015 in Saalfeld and his contacts to militant nazis. At the 15th of October he visited a concert of the in Germany forbiddenNazi-group "blood and Honour" in Swizerland.

We request you, to show Dominik Stürmer that there´s no place for racism, antisemitism and natinalistic propagandy in Ellwangen!


Reveal and smash Nazi-structures!!!