Day Three of the Convergence Centre

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Day Three of the Convergence Centre


Activists from all over Europe have used the infrastructure of KTS in order to share information and to organize around the coming protests.


In the past three days, numerous workshops on different topics have taken place.  The demo medics are giving out information about first aid during a demo, the Rebel-Clown Army invited people to a mood-lightening session, and the independent Media Center is answering questions through Indymedia Linksunten

The Clown Training on Friday at the Critical Mass found itself under the “protection” of 14 police vans, 5 cars, police on motorcycle, and, last but not least, 10 bike cops.  All together they tailed the 20 bike riders through Freiburg as they paid a visit to the central bunker-like Police Headquarters.

The Newsportal has, thanks to much volunteer effort J, has been translated from German into both English and French. In addition, activists are supporting the Media Centre with translations into Italian and Russian. In addition to the translation work, four editions of “indy deux rive” have been put together.   The German edition will be brought to the demo in Frankfurt and given out there. The French version will be brought to Strasbourg and given out there, in addition to being made available  at the Infopount.


On Thursday, a film was showed about the coming “ASPAN” (Alianza Para la Seguridad y la Prosperidad de América del Norte—North American Security and Prosperity Alliance) and was followed by a discussion of the political situation in Mexico.   For all of those who couldn’t make it to the film, an infostand has been setup in connection to ASPAN


The second film of the evening was the “The Ground Truth”. This was followed by a discussion with Chris, who worked as a guard in Guantanamo.