[B] School- and University strike: stop racism – At School


School- and University strike: STOP RACISM – At School. On the streets. In Parliament. Simultaneously there are actions in other cities – an initiative of Jugend gegen Rassismus (Youth against racism, nationwide alliance)

The right and racists are still in the offensive. The AfD (Alternative for Germany) is entering one federal parliament after another. Also in Berlin they are trying to spread their right wing populist agitation in the course of the election campaign and they are performing more and more self confidently. Also in schools we are not untroubled by this. May it be leaflet actions, panel discussions, AfD-teachers or fellow students. Their populist frases by which they try to plant their disgusting ideas into the heads of the people are


  • Racist – e.g. the demand for firing orders against asylum seekers or the prohibition of the hijab.
  • Sexist – e.g. to make women* responsible for domestic work and education.
  • Homophobic - e.g. they are against the right to adoption and the marriage for all (same sex-union.
  • Anti-workers – e.g. due to demanding to do away with the minimum wage.

But not only due to their agitation they bear responsibility for the 20 fold increase in violent attacks on migrants since 2014. Many of these violent acts are commited by „vigilante groups“ and their founding and organization has been pushed forward e.g. by Björn Höcke (spokesperson of the AfD-regional association of Thuringia)!

In the fear of losing voters also the established parties move further to the right in their politics and in their articulation. They are tightening the asylum laws and piece by piece they transform Europe into an insurmountable fortress. Islamophobic statements and demands are not to be found only in the ultra-reactionary parties, but also in many others, just as the cry for more and more deportations and border security.

For us it‘s clear: Racism is much older and diverse than the AfD, but since their electoral successes they feel encouraged to spread their racist agitation in the public and thereby they gain momentum.

Many of us and/or our friends already sense this and witness racism on a daily basis. Because racism has many faces: Not only physical violence. Racism is also the stupid looks on the way to school day by day. Or the generalized suspicion and the „completely random“ controls due to „criminal acts“. Racism is as well to be asked where you are actually from when getting to know new people or when you are attributed with racist stereotypes such as being talented in sports or „sexy-exotic“. It is also racism when black people are associated to be pessimistic (German: „to see black“), fare dodging (German: „to drive black“), or black labor. It is also racist when in class entire continents such as Africa are being generalized as regressive or uncivilized.

But we will not play along with this!

Let‘s proove together on the 29th of September that it is possible to confront the wave of racism with a countermovement: for a society in which we live together in solidarity, for a society without borders and oppression, in which it‘s about the necessities of all instead of the profit of a few. Let‘s show that we will, if necessary, overstep the rulez!


  • Same rights for all! This means the full right to work & education, democratic participation and freedom of movement also for illegalized people such as refugees.
  • Abolish refugee camps! For self organzied living spaces instead of mass accomodations. Where supposedly there is no space: Expropiation of vacancies and speculation objects and for massive social housing.
  • No podium for racism and discrimination! Blocking of right-wing demonstrations and the hinderance of election campaiging! 
  • No space for racism! For an antiracist youth movement and self organized antiracist structures in schools, universities and apprenticing companies.
  • Racists out of the school! Against AfD and Nazi teachers, for grassroots-democracy at schools and the right to drop teachers.
  • After Cologne more then ever: Let‘s fight the racist „feminism“! For free choice of clothes instead of the prohibition of the hijab, for a special protection of refugee women and LGBTIQ*! Fight sexism!
  • For an immediate end to all the combat missions of the army such as in Mali, Syria, Afghanistan, Irak, Kosovo, the Mediterranean and at the Horn of Africa! Down with the German weapon exports and the German armament!