[Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg] Demonstration: Together against racist violence

Scheiss Rassisten-Nazipack!

On Saturday 3 September a group of 40 people (including many children) from a Cameroonian association was attacked by about 200 violent, racist, radical ring-wing football supporters of BFC Dynamo. The attacked had gathered at this time to a joint celebration at Mauerpark.


The neo-nazi group chanted racist slogans, darted bottles upon the group and attacked them with irritant gas. Four of the affected persons were taken to hospital, one of them to a specialty hospital. All of the children showed prognostic symptoms of trauma. Police failed: Present Policewo*man were too little to stop the neo-Nazis. There was no identity verification or detention and therefore no prosecution. Considerung the 108 identity verifications before the football match because of vandalism and danger caused by the football supporters it is incomprehensible why the police didn’t escort the neo-Nazis with more wo*man. After all the police tried to deny the injured persons towards “Der Tagesspiegel” (newspaper). Please help us to increase the pressure on police and neo-Nazis and tell us what and if you witnessed the attack. Please wirte us your experience or send us videos. Please do not publish any videos to respect the affected persons.
We invite you to our demonstration against the rightwing party „AfD“ on 16th September. It leads also to Mauerpark and ensures that racist attacks like this will not be forgotten or suppressed.


Let’s fight together in the streets against racial violence and the ones in parliament that sustain structural racism.


Demonstration: Together against racist violence
Friday 16th September 2016 | 6pm | S-Bahnhof Schönhauser Allee


North East Antifascists [NEA] | Sept. 2016
Mail: nea [a] riseup.net
Web: www.antifa-nordost.org