(B) One struggle, one fight! From Rigaer 94 to Ohlauer Schule – stop evictions!


Joint call of Ohlauer Schule, occupiers of the O-Platz and Rigaer 94

No matter what the result of the elections on 18 September of the Berlin 'Abgeordnetenhaus' and the 'Bezirksverordnetenversammlungen' will be, each party and any politician* will protect the capitalist city further. They spare no expenses to preserve the existing order. This is evident regarding the costs and efforts that are made to get rid of emancipatory and oppositional projects. Instead of the support for social housing or apartments for refugees, millions of Euro are spend for long and illegal police operations, monitoring and control.

Ohlauer-School still has only one shower, often with just cold water. Residents aren't allowed to receive visitors and are constantly exposed to the arbitrariness of the security staff. The hyper-policing methods used in an attempt to weaken the residents of Rigaer 94 for three weeks have been used at Ohlauer-School for two years now. At the moment there are legal processes for eviction against both projects. While the lawsuit against Ohlauer-School was filed by the district, meaning from 'Die Grünen', it was initiated by the police and the 'Innensenat' in the case of Rigaer 94. They explicitly encouraged the reluctant  owner to take action against the house.
It is obvious that all this is about the suppression of those willing to stand up for self-organization and creating collective resistance against racism and social exclusion. The people who are fighting for an independent life should vanish, disappear and be made invisible so there is plenty of room for Investors and gentrifiers – making Berlin a city which is only a home to the rich.


In recent months some  politicians declared their solidarity with the Rigaer 94. At the same time they defended the eviction of Oranienplatz in 2014 and advocated the threat to expel the last people living in Ohlauer-School. All this makes it even more apparent that politicians of all parties care mainly about power and their interests instead of political ideals and actual changes.

Together we want to take to the streets. We want to make clear that all this is not only about a few small concessions and that our struggles can not be seen separately from each other. We won't let them divide us. The problem is not good or bad parties, but the system that all of them represent.

Come to the Mietenstopp Demonstration on Saturday, 10. September 2016 at 2pm and take the idea of solidarity and resistive community out to the streets!

No Border! No Nation! No Gentrification!
Stop Deportation!

Ohlauer School, O-Platz, Rigaer 94




***Meeting Point for Friedrichshain***

1pm at Dorfplatz (Rigaerstr / Liebigstr)

***Meeting Point for Wedding***

12:30 Uhr Koloniestraße/ Badstraße und 13:15 Uhr U-Bhf. Leopoldplatz (U6, Gleis in Fahrtrichtung Alt-Mariendorf)

***Meeting Point for Neukölln***

13:00 Uhr Hermannplatz