[D] Demo: "Right to remain for all – there are no safe countries of origin!"

Flyer: Bleiberecht für Alle (Vorderseite)

Sa, 17.09.2016 | 13 h | Düsseldorf Mainstation | Isolation is no alternative

After Germany’s racist mob has been gaining visibility for quite some time now and the border of what can be said is being pushed further to the right, politicians gotten back to chumming up to racist demands.


Instead of grasping the problems at their social roots or dealing with the reasons people have for fleeing their countries in the first place, they take over the rhetoric of the AfD and turn it into racist legislation. The minister of interior, de Maizière, for example announced, that he wants to double the number of deportations this year. Especially the exceptional leave to remain reasons of people who have already been living here for a long time are supposed to be rechecked and if applicable declared invalid. This will result in a large number of deportations to the west balkan countries. In addition to this, the Bundesrat planes to decide about legislation that would expand the list of “safe countries of origin” by the addition of the Maghreb countries Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. It must be feared that the proposal of SPD and CDU will be accepted with the votes of FDP and Greens. This humanitarian disgrace of Germany continues the list of restrictions to asylum law, that started in the 1990s with the de facto abolishment of the right to asylum.


There are no safe countries of origin

The debate on safe countries of origin doesn’t focus on the safety concerns of the asylum seeking people, but only on the acceleration of the deportation process and on easier regulation and control of national borders. The Maghreb countries are anything but safe. There is little to no protection against sexual violence, homosexuals are persecuted and the Moroccan royals repress the strive for democracy. The young Tunisian democracy is being destabilized not only by islamists, but also by European countries that pulled back important investments, which has resulted in a rise of unemployment. The west balkan countries, that were declared to be “safe countries”, over the past two years aren’t safe either. Romani and other minorities are systematically discriminated and excluded from society. They have neither the possibility to get a job nor to go to school. Discrediting people as “economic refugees” denies, that poverty is a threat to ones existence and conceals the basic violence of a society based on competition. Everyone should have the right to build a livelihood for oneself, where a good life seems possible. No matter what nation one was randomly born in.


A culture of welcome vs. economic isolation

After the unavoidable entry of refugees after the “sommer of welcome” was turned into a grand gesture generosity by the federal government and the transformation of a culture of welcome into a performance of German identity, the EU states, lead by Germany, worked to regain control over migration, which was a result of its own disastrous foreign policy. They tried to regain it by closing migration routes, resulting in thousands dying in the Mediterranean. They don’t even shy back from deals with dictatorships like the ones in Sudan or Turkey and thus show that the losers of this society aren’t part of the much esteemed values of the European Union. Only by this can it assert its economic superiority in the global competition.


Our answer must be solidarity

Although there are numerous practical possibilities for solidarity against the continued restriction of asylum rights, such as stopping deportations by civil disobedience, which have been made significantly more difficult, the consequence can’t be resignation. Rather a stronger network between those that want to achieve a more just refugee policy must be established, so it can become a counter weight on the political level to the growing right wing turn in our society. Let’s protest against the inhuman asylum policies of Fortress Europe together.


For a society of solidarity against isolation and further asylum law restrictions!

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