A-Camp 2016

Anarchist Summer Camp vom 12. - 21. August in Northern Austria

The anarchist camp 2016 aims to bring together people and to strengthen the cooperation within the left and anarchist movement across borders. An alternative society free of domination cannot be simply learned from books – it has to be tried out in real life. The camp can enable experiences with self-organisation, open up new perspectives for how to live together, and inspire ideas for new projects. A collective engagement with critical thought and praxis also encourages questioning our own actions and behaviours.


We want to create a central interface for bringing
together different fights and movements against everyday
forms of racism, sexism, and exploitation. Our goal
is to build up a network for cooperation and action that
lasts longer than the camp itself. You neither need to
be part of a political scene nor know anything about
theory to participate at the A-Camp. Everybody who
identifies with emancipatory and anti-authoritarian
ideas is invited.


For more information visit: https://www.acamp2016.org/