Berlin: Arson attack against Public Order Office vehicles for Black July


We hereby claim responsibility for the destruction of the Public Order Office cars in Berlin-Köpenick last night. We decided to take a stand against the fine madness within this company and send a message to the law-and-order Sherrif Henkel, who for months waged his personal vendetta against all dissenters.

With this action we want to express our solidarity with Rigaer Straße and all other threatened projects.
For us it does not matter whether a court rules that an eviction is illegal because we do not recognize any authority.
We see ourselves not as victims but as enemies of the system.

The reasons why the Public Order Office is a suitable target are unquestionable. It embodies the most disgusting form of authoritarian coercion and mass control of society.

Every evacuation has its price! M99 is more expensive!

Black July is not over yet!

Solidarity with all struggling comrades worldwide!