Clumsy is free, but the trial is not over.

Clumsy ist frei

First day of Clumsy’s trial in Görlitz.

Last Tuesday was the first day of trial against the anarchsit Clumsy. He was arrested by the police after the eviction of LAUtonomia and charged for an action during Ende Gelände where he and three other people locked themselves to the railroad to stop coal supply to the Schwarze Pumpe power plant. The charges for disruption of a public company’s activity are up to five years in prison, on top of that he is also charged with trespassing during the LAutonomia occupation.


Prior to trail, Clumsy, being a citizen of Austria, was put into custody for almost six weeks citing danger of flight.

Around 20-30 people gathered in front of the court to show their solidarity with arrested, following a call for solidarity by different groups including ABC Rhineland and ABC Dresden. During the demonstration there was a speech on matters of solidarity, and the crowd chanted slogans like “Brick by brick, wall by wall, make this shitty prison fall”.


Everyone who wanted to witness the hearing had to give their IDs to the police, which entered the information in a database, ostensibly for the purpose of checking for outstanding warrants, and made scans of passports/identity cards. This was justified with possible actions of civil disobedience during the court. Inside of the court room, three undercover policeman were already present in the auditorium.
During the court it was forbidden to use any recording means for non media visitors.


Clumsy was brought to the court room in handcuffs and was kept so till arrival of the judge. During the trial, three witnesses were questioned – the policeman in charge of coordinating the operation against Ende Gelände, a person responsible for “nature conservation” at Vattenfall Mining Europe AG and the chief of security of Vattenfall. The witnesses did not provide enough information for the decision, so the trial was postponed till the next Wednesday. Clumsy was set free until then.


The court itself with the high security measures seemed quite ridiciulous. It is not clear what the court expected and why armed undercover cops seemed reasonable for them. But it shows once more the high level of repression against climate activists.

We would like to congratulate our comrade on getting out of custody and to call for people to join the supporters next Wednesday!

Solidarity with Clumsy!
ABC Dresden