Berlin: Black July – Attack with fire and stones against the Spittelmarkt


We are mad as hell because of the evacuation of the Kadterschmiede. We are very pleased about the call for a Black July. We now have space for these feelings and so we made a contribution to the call on the night of Sunday, 10.07.2016 at Spittelmarkt in the center of Berlin-Mitte.

We carried out incendiary attacks against two luxury cars behind the Federal Foreign Office and another in the Kurstrasse. At the same time, as an expression of our rejection of the capitalist city, we robbed the pompous windows of the ground floor of the ‘Spittelmarkt House’ of their luster with color and stones.

The eviction threats of the authorities continue and so we will also continue our escalation until the evacuation of the M99 in Kreuzberg is ended and the cops and security have pissed off from Rigaer.

We send fiery greetings to the prisons: to the two people in custody since the demonstration on Saturday and to the anarchists who were arrested in connection with an expropriation action in Aachen and are now awaiting trial. Much strength and stamina! Freedom for all!

FreundInnen der gepflegten Grillrunde