What nobody talks about- Refugees from Sudan

solidarity, resistance, one struggle - one fight

During the second Sudanese civil war that went on for 22 years, Omar al-Bashir assumed power in 1989. Al-Bashir is the first and only officiating president worldwide who is wanted for genocide, war crime and crimes against humanity. Unimpeded by the UNAMID stationed in Darfur, the regime committed numerous human rights violations, such as expulsions of whole villages, aimed destructions of livelihoods, arbitrary torture, execution, abuse and mass rape in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile.


The authoritarian regime is not only repressive in those conflict areas. Violent regime intervention in anti-government protests often end deadly, armed munitions are used against peaceful activists and oppositionists. Arbitrary arrest and months-long imprisonment without accusal as well as torture and abuse are regime standards. Human rights organizations are forbidden or oppressed, media censored and critical journalists threatened or arrested. Furthermore, since 2013, military courts are in charge of “violations” such as the publication of “wrong” information about civilians.


In order to call attention on that situation, Sudanese activists occupied the Sudanese embassy in Berlin in 2015. They demanded the extradition of al-Bashir and his regime to the International Criminal Court, the ending of all economic relations to Sudan as well as the grant of asylum for every Sudanese refugee living in Germany.


In solidarity with the Sudanese refugees, we host a talk to inform about the current political situation in Sudan and personal experiences of Sudanese activists. We would be happy to welcome you there!


When? 11. 02. | 19:00 – 21:00

Where? Regenbogenfabrik | Lausitzer Straße 22, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg