(B) Declaration of solidarity and call to take part in the demonstration


In the last few months the situation in Friedrichshains northern part ("Nordkiez") has escalated steadily. Cops here have delighted in daily ritualized bullying of the areas residents. The culmination of police repression, the events that took place in the last couple of days, demonstrate clearly that Frank Henkel, Tom "Death Star" Schreiber - amongst others - have placed those remaining rebellious few in heavily gentrified Friedrichshain at the top of their agenda.

While "cleaning house", apartments are raided without warrants, residents are frequently stopped and searched without cause as well as banned from entering certain areas, dangerous satellite dishes and chimneys are confiscated off the roofs of buildings - measures intended to "nurture a climate in which the [anti-authoritarian] left decides to leave on their own". How serious the cops are with their recently leaked "Masterplan" was evident just this Sunday, when they raided Rigaer94 for the second time this week - after an apparently life-threatening garbage-bag dropped out of a window.

The pressure is rising elsewhere too - rebellious projects of self-organization are threatened all over Berlin. M99 is to be evicted after nearly 30 years existence, Drugstore and Potse are dealing with gentrification, and Friedel54 is putting a fight for their community-organized space.

The attacks on individual projects can only be seen as attacks on all our projects - our individual resistance is resistance against all attacks!
In times where Nazis run rampant through Connewitz, in which violence and prejudice against those fleeing to Germany are ever-rising, and rebellious neighborhoods are declared "dangerous areas", it is all the more important to not be intimidated and to react from a position of unity.

One occasion for a show of solidarity and strength is the demonstration on the 6th of February.

Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods!

Demonstration 06.02. - Rummelplatz (Gürtelstr. 26) 16:00 rally - 17:00 demonstration (on time)

In solidarity, Meuterei