Amsterdam: Shove Pegida in the Canals

laat ze niet lopen

6-2-2016 Stop the racist, Europe-wide, PEGIDA gathering in Amsterdam - On Saturday February 6th, the extreme right-wing Pegida wants to come together on the central Dam-square in Amsterdam to spread its racist ideology. 'Laat Ze Niet Lopen' is calling on you to resist against this extreme right gathering. Come to Amsterdam that day and take action against the racists from Pegida! Don't let them march!


Pegida is a German extreme right movement that pretends to be a group of concerned and upstanding citizens. However, appearances can be deceiving. At earlier Pegida gatherings and marches in the Netherlands in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Apeldoorn Pegida supporters made the Hitler salute and attacked anti-racist activists and bystanders. The majority of the demonstrators appeared to be right wing extremists from Germany, Belgium, and Poland. The group of Dutch Pegida protestors was composed almost entirely of known Neo-Nazis. Pegida claims to be against violence, while creating a space for violent racists and neo-nazis to come together and attack people. At the last Pegida demonstration in Germany in Leipzig more that 1.500 neo-fascists and extreme right-wing hooligans attended and over 250 armed neo-nazi’s attacked the student and immigrant area of town in an organised and pre-planned assault., an initiative of AFA-the Netherlands against racist demonstrations and gatherings is calling on you to make the space for the extreme right Pegida as small as possible on February 6th, and to take action against the arrival of extreme rightwing activists in town. Make noise, drown them out, block them, and show them in uncertain terms that they're not welcome! Not in Amsterdam or elsewhere in Europe.
Ignoring them is not an option. Pegida will get attention anyway and will try to spread their racist ideology.


Freedom of Speech
By abusing the right to free speech and demonstration, rightwing extremists create a free space for the glorification of racism and islamophobia. This freedom is just a facade for the intimidation of residents in the city where they are gathering.


At earlier Pegida actions, hundreds of people took to the streets to express their anger about a racist march through their streets. The extreme right in the Netherlands is sometimes viewed as merely being a fringe group. The extreme right will only remain on that fringe though if people consequently drown them out and speak out against them. Ignoring them is not an option anymore.


It is still uncertain whether Pegida is going to be allowed by the mayor to meet in front of the national resistance memorial on the Dam square or will be moved elsewhere. It is a good idea to keep an eye on  . You can also follow 'Laat Ze Niet Lopen' on Twitter and Facebook. Leading up to and on the day of the counter-protest, we will provide the latest information, maps of the area and a infostructure.


If you want to come to Amsterdam and need a place to sleep, contact AFA-Amsterdam and they will try to set you up.


Take action against Pegida on February the 6th, and stop the march of the extreme-right! Don't let them walk!


*if someone could translate this call-out in German that would be much apreciated*

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Together with comrades from Greece, Germany, Sweden, Czech, Austria, Denmark and maybe France we are organizing different Actions on 6th of February. We have a shared call and our Actions will to correlate. We'll prepare messages of greeting to each other. Feel free to get in contact with us and support the Actionday! Mail: actionday[at] PGP

Solidarity without limits – action day against Fortress Europe!

On the 6th of February plenty of right-wing populists, neofascist movements and parties will come together in different places around Europe to take to the streets for their reactionary idea of  superior “people” and “nations”. On the one hand we don’t want to accept this and therefore we call you to counter them firmly together taking a stand for political solidarity! On the other hand we want to proclaim this day Europe-wide as a day of action against Fortress Europe!

The conditions in many places all over the world become more unstable with capitalism widening the gap between the poor and the rich. The neo-liberal structural changes of the 70’s and 80’s forced many areas of the global south into deep poverty and debts. After the period of colonialism those changes had once again created dependency from the “western world”. These politics bring exploitation and poverty as well as destruction of the basis of existence. Today neo-colonianism shows itself in it’s diverse forms: land grabbing, siezure of natural resources and raw materials, weaponry exports and free trade agreements, wars under the cover of “interventions to protect the human rights”, support of dictators and authoritarian regimes. One of the consequences is the death of many people not just at the European borders, but also in their home countries. The European Union is one of the major players in this game. The official politics of solving the crisis of capitalism (like austerity measures) catalyzed authoritarian and racist reactions all over the world. The fear of people losing their wealth is transformed into pure hatred against “the others I have to share with” and leads to the construction of conservative entities like nations, races and traditional gender roles.

We also see the increasing militarization on the external borders of Europe. Humans get selected according to their nationality; deportation centers get extended and new ones are to be build. To improve such inhumane systems the EU cooperates with states like Turkey, that wages war against the Kurds in their own country and supports the “Islamic State” (Daesh).

Racist movements and parties like PEGIDA, UKIP (UK Independence Party), BPI (Block Against Islam), Golden Dawn, Front National and many others,  the European immigration policies and Frontex are actors in the same play. If we really want the misery of the migrants run to end, then political pressure in the streets is necessary everywhere, so the borders open for all and safe routes for migration with dignity become possible. That means organization of protests, direct actions, civil disobedience and the establishment of spaces of solidarity.

We want to use the chance to put this subject on the agenda on the 6th of February. If the right-wing populist and reactionary movement tries to bring their politics in the streets, we will counter them. We have to point out the connection between restrictive and authoritarian European migration, austerity policies and the everyday street racism and how these are linked to capitalism and patriarchy. All of these are global mechanisms of domination and oppression that attack all of us. Therefore we have to act together.

It is necessary to organize globally to attack the european politics in order to destroy the standing ground of the right-wing. Instead of believing in national states that are capable of acting, we have to declare the solidarity across the borders, learn from each other and fight for common autonomous and open spaces. The creation of resistant, self-determined networks provides perspective for freedom for all.

We will fight for free life in social equality, beyond nations, capital and patriarchy. Together we take to the streets! We call for civil disobedience and direct actions for freedom of movement and equal rights for all. It has to be fought in a political way! We don’t want to be governed. We stand up and fight against racist and authoritarian crisis reactions of the European politics and right-wing populistic movements!

Let´s stick the finger to the Fortress Europe!

Organize political solidarity!

Fight Fortress Europe!

Am Samstag, den 6. Feburar, will die rechtsextreme PEGIDA auf dem Dam in Amsterdam eine europaweite Kundgebung organiseren um ihr rassistisches Gedankengut zu verbreiten. Laat Ze Niet Lopen (“Lass sie nicht laufen”) ruft zum Widerstand gegen diese rechtsextreme Veranstaltung auf. Komm auch auf den Dam und setz dich ein gegen die Rassisten von Pegida! Lass sie nicht laufen, no pasaran!

PEGIDA ist eine rechte, ursrünglich deutsche, Bewegung, die sich gerne als Sammelbecken für nette und einfach nur “besorgte“ Bürger ausgibt. Doch der Schein trügt: Auf früheren Demonstrationen von PEGIDA in Utrecht und Rotterdam zeigten Anhänger von PEGIDA den Hitlergruß und fielen Antirassist*innen und Umstehende an. Zusätzlich schienen die meisten dort Rechtsextreme und Neonazis aus Deutschland, Flandern und Polen zu sein. Die kleine Gruppe niederländischer PEDIGA-Demonstranten bestand beinah vollständig aus bekannten Neonazis. PEGIDA gibt an, dass von ihnen keine Gewalt ausgeht  – aber sorgt im Endeffekt dafür, dass Rassisten und Neonazis zusammenkommen und Menschen anzugreifen. Bei einer der letzten PEGIDA-Demonstrationen in Leipzig mobiliserte PEGIDA mehr als 1.500 Neofaschisten und rechtsextreme Hooligans während 250 bewaffnete Neonazis eine Spur der Verwüstung in Connewitz, einem bekannten linken Stadtteil, zurückließen., eine Initiative gegen Rassismus, ruft jeden auf, den Raum für die Rechtsextremen von   PEGIDA am 6. Februar zu klein wie möglich zu halten. Pfeif sie aus, überstimm sie, blockier sie und lass sie vorallem merken dass sie nicht willkommen sind! Sie ignorieren kommt nicht in Frage, denn PEDIGA wird in jedem Fall Aufmerksamkeit erregen und ihr Gedankengut versuchen zu verbreiten werden.

Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung
Unter Missbrauch des Rechts auf freie Meinungsäußerung und des Rechts auf Versammlungsfreiheit erschaffen die Rechtsextremisten Raum für die Verherrlichung von Rassismus und Islamophobie. Diese Rechte benutzen sie nur als fadenscheinige Rechtfertigung um die Bewohner der Stadt, in der sie sich versammlen, einzuschüchtern und zu bedrohen.

Manchmal wird Rechtsextremismus als marginales Problem abgetan. Rechtsextremisten bleiben aber nur ein marginales Problem wenn man ihnen entgegen tritt und man massig Gegenstimmen hören lässt. Über Rechtsextremismus hinwegsehen ist keine Option mehr. Und so gingen schon während früheren PEGIDA-Märschen hunderte Menschen auf die Straße um ihren Wut über die rassistischen Kundgebungen zu äußern.

Ob PEGIDA wirklich die Zustimmung erhält um auf dem Dam ihre Manifestation zu halten oder ob sie eine Ausweichmöglichkeit zugewiesen bekommen ist im Moment noch nicht sicher. Wir raten also, sich auf auf dem Laufenden zu halten, oder sich auf der Facebook- bzw. Twitter-Seite von Laat ze niet lopen zu informieren. Vor und während des Gegenprotestes versorgen wir euch auch mit aktuellen Infos, Karten von der Umgebung und weiterem. Schlafplätze können in gewissem Ausmaße auch organisiert werden. Wenn PEGIDA europaweit mobiliseren kann, können wir das schon lange.

Werde also am 6. Februar aktiv gegen PEGIDA und stoppe den Aufmarsch der Rechtsextremen. Lass sie nicht laufen!