Israel: "Yes, we used white phosphorus bombs."


The well known fascistic method of "I deny the crime" from the side it happened from, becomes a "single incident" when an event comes in public. Meanwhile the so called "only democratic state in middle east" keeps on the daily genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza.

We talk about the M825A1 bombs, thing that means the (U.S. constructed) white phosphorus bombs, a weapon which is prohibited by the international laws. The use of this weapon is equal with war crimes and it was used during the last year's israelian attack against Gaza.


Last year, the spokesman of the israelian army used to state to the british "Times" newspaper:


"The M825A1 bombs are empty, they don't have explosives inside, not even white phosphorus. There is also nothing in the outside. We throw them, so we can mark the target before we send the real bombs... we don't want to kill people with these bombs."


"We use what is also used by the other armies and we do not use any weapon that is illegal by the International Laws."


Despite these statements, british experts published on "Jane's" newspaper they don't have any doubt that M825A1 bombs contain white phosphorus.


Today, one year later and after thousands of Palestinians lost parts of their bodies and their lives by the certain weapon, the israelians answer to the Goldstone Report which blames Israel for war crimes during the last year's 22 days attack against Gaza, so they accept the use of the certain weapon and also... punish two militants as responsibles for the war crimes.


So, the last year's genocide against the citizens of Gaza is a single incident, for which are responsible certain persons and the israelian justice functions perfectly (as they state)...




Israeli arrests aimed at quashing popular resistance continue: On 28th January at 1:45 in Bil'in's village, Mohammed Khatib, his wife Lamia and their four children waken up by Israeli soldiers storming their house, which was surrounded by a large military force. Once inside the house, the soldiers arrested Khatib, conducted a quick search and left the house. Roughly, half an hour leaving the house, five military jeeps surrounded the house again and six soldiers forced into the house again without showing a search warrant. During the search, Khatib's phone and many documents were seized, including papers from Bil'in's legal proceducers in the Israel High Court. more info at


One more village protests against the land's occupation and the wall, Nabi Saleh whith 500 residents which is layed in the north of Ramala. For the new israeli community Hallamish (Neze Tzuf) a big area of agricaltural land was stolen from the village but also many olive trees were also uprooted. Watch the video that is shown israeli troops throwing tear gas in the village, using plastic bullets, beating up and arrest even old women:

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The M825 is a 155mm Smoke projectile used to provide screening or marking smoke.



This article doesn't seem to be good journalistic work....

but M825A1 as is written on the first text yes it is:


on the videos related, there are also lots of the effects of the weapon.