The future of Australia's violent offshore detention camps hangs in the balance

Let them out!

The future of Australia's violent offshore detention camps is hanging in the balance. The corporation that runs them – Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield Services) – was supposed to sign a new contract in October to continue running the camps on Manus Island and Nauru for another 5 years. But it's nearly Christmas, and it hasn't happened yet. Why not? Well, when 30,000 of us stood up against corporations profiting from abuse, we hit front pages around the country. Now senior sources have told us Broadspectrum is dragging its feet on signing the Manus and Nauru contract because it's waiting to see how much of a threat our movement really is.


No corporation should profit from abuse. And to drive that message home, we need to speak the language corporations understand best: dollar figures. Broadspectrum rakes in millions of dollars by providing services to local councils. So we've just launched 563 campaigns on GetUp's petition platform CommunityRun calling on every council in Australia not to do business with corporations that profit from abuse. One council at a time, we'll show Broadspectrum that their involvement in offshore detention will have disastrous consequences for the rest of their business.

We have a huge opportunity here. Broadspectrum and Wilson Security – the two corporates that prop up the detention camps – provide services like parking and maintenance to local councils all over Australia.

Many councillors around the country are worried about being associated with the cruel abuse Broadspectrum and Wilson Security are complicit in. Two councils are already reviewing their business relationships with these corporations. The tide is changing, but to get this over the line we need to build support in our local communities, and call on our councils to take strong and immediate action.

If we can get our local councils to refuse to associate with these corporations while they continue to profit from abuse, it will force Broadspectrum and Wilson Security to reconsider their future in the detention regime.

In the camps on Manus Island and Nauru violence, sexual assault, self-harm and mental abuse are rife. Men, women and children all suffer. And while the camps were built because of government policy, it's corporate complicity that keeps them open.

If corporations walk away, it would change the entire foundation on which our brutal offshore detention regime is built and open the door to change. This is our chance to make that happen.

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Shen, Aurora and Matt for the GetUp team

PS. Councils are just the beginning. People across Australia are beginning to organise in their local institutions – from academics and students at the University of Newcastle to nurses and doctors in hospitals – and the No Business In Abuse movement will be here to help them. Together, we're making it clear to Broadspectrum and Wilson Security that they cannot continue to profit from abuse without damning consequences for their entire business model. Can you join your local council campaign?

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