Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership

Mexiko, Naucalpan: Sprengkörper in einer Mercedes Benz – Vertretung

In the early hours of July 5th we left an explosive device underneath a luxury car of the ‘Autosat Satélite’ Mercedes-Benz dealership which is located at México-Querétaro Avenue in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

We do not underestimate any attack against the technological system; the members of Savage Reaction have made use of various modes of operation to continue ambushing and striking those directly responsible for the destruction and artificialisation of wild nature, and we will keep on doing so.

The rainfall continues, so do the attacks!

The thunders feed the instinct of attack so as to fall upon the infected heads of the enemies of the Indomitable…

Savage Reaction
‘Until Your Death or Mine!’ Groupuscule