Tekk Back Da Park - Ⓐct II


Once again, we will rise up for a free Görli! A Görli free from racism and police brutality! Free from illegalisation and criminalisation! We stay in deep solidarity with the struggle of the people from the school # Ohlauer Infopoint. Like last time we will take some donations for this people.  <--break->

On Friday the 13th of March, we met up by the Spreewaldplatz to make some noise in protest for a Free Gorli. A Gorli free from racist supervision, Police violence, repression, criminalisation and illegalisation! With a loud soundsystem, fast bass music and speeches we demanded more free spaces, equal rights for all and for a fight against the causes that force people to seek refuge, instead of against refugees. And, as so often happens when people stand up for their freedoms, then came the repression from the side of the dominant class. The gathering was not allowed, as it had been registered, to take place in Goerlitzer Park, but rather had to disband. We were told of a Ban, coming from the Versammlungsbehoerde, which was made in such a way, that it was impossible to find a solution by making any objection. That means, we were classed as a “Threat to Public Security and Order”!

We feel rather flattered; and such a criminalisation of our actions merely shows the interests of the so-called “TaskForce-Goerlitzer Park” in maintaining a sanitised, controlled, whitebread, average-citizen park. Despite the fact that the Berliner city image is based upon a history of musical and cultural diversity! We will not conform with their ban. These politics don't fit with our city image, BASTA!

They have done what they could to forbid us to take the park and they have shot themselves in the foot if they think that they can beat us that easily. Now we will really take to the streets and cause a ruckus until we are heard and we claim the Free Space that belongs to us!!
See you Saturday... Siempre Juntos!!!