Ohlauer-School calls for action!

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Urgent call for support against the eviction of the ohlauer school! We don't accept the dishonest actions of the district against the refugee-movement, most recently with their attacks on the people living in the Ohlauer school. All over the world, and in Germany, refugees-activists are fighting for dignity and autonomy, struggling to have access to the same rights as all the other residents of the country.


The government tries over and over to isolate the movement, using their deportations, courts, police, and prisons to evict and break up the movement. Every year, the German government using new laws and regulations to make refugees' living conditions worse and worse. They want to make us believe there are no alternatives to borders, to isolation, and to their abusive treatment.

We refuse this. We are fighting for a reason.


The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg delivered a letter to the residents of the Ohlauer school, saying that they have to leave the building by March 19th or they will be evicted.

We need to act now. We need everyone to get active and be aware over the next days.


Get active!

The refugee activists in the school right now are living under security occupation, with controlled entry and exit and no access to the roof. An alarm system has been installed to even further restrict people's movement. On top of that, police have been harassing and arresting residents, with at least seven people now being held in prison. It's important that people nearby keep watch over the situation, as the police may move to evict or arrest at any time. For those of us not living with these restrictions, it's important that we do what we can to support the refugee activists as the government tries to isolate and control their movements, and try to undermine their resistance.


Get informed and Inform!

If you see police action, please send an exact description of what you see by SMS(!) to 015213207599. Don't panic. Write exactly what you see so we can share this information with people who need to know.

Also, if you want to receive alerts about urgent actions, send an SMS or give a missed call to 015213207599 and we will keep you informed.

This is no Infophone! Its only for get SMS-Information if something urgent is going on!


For now, we need to get active against those responsible for the situation. Here are a few of their events over the next few days:


14.-15. March

Meeting of the Migration & Flucht National Working Group of the Green Party

Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 1


17. March, 18h00

District invite for meeting of renter and owner of flats around Görlitzer Park

Ohlauerstraße 41, Berlin-Kreuzberg


19. March, Thursday, 19:00

Migrationspolitische Frühjahrsempfang“

Festsaal des Berliner Abgeordnetenhauses Niederkirchnerstr.5, 10111 Berlin http://www.gruene-fraktion-berlin.de/termin/16-migrationspolitischer-fr-hjahrsempfang


Most importantly, everyone needs to get active on their own. Get organised and find ways to fight back. We can't let this eviction happen, and we refuse everything it represents.


Do not forget the people in prison! Free our friends immediately.!!