Berlin-Gesundbrunnen: Anti-racist neighbourhood-football-cup with a social-cultural schedule

Berlin-Gesundbrunnen: Antirassistisches Nachbarschafts-Fussballtunier mit sozial-kulturellem Nebenprogramm

On 14th march, from 10 a.m., there will be an anti-racist neighbourhood-football-tournament at Böttgestr. 8 in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen with a socia-cultural schedule.
We invite everyone who wants to join and live in a society without any racism and exploitation. The topic of this event will be the ongoing fight for freedom of the refugees in Berlin and the stories of those people who live in lagers in Gesundbrunnen and Wedding. We will show some movies, videos and and talk to artists whose work, like exibithions and music, is related to this topic. Open disscusion rounds will instigate a direct dialogue between the refugee activists and the people from the neighbourhood. The current situation in the lagers and their isolation through racism and exploitation from the society is the reason why the refugees can not organize themselves and promote their struggle. There are barley attempts to overcome this dependence caused by the "help" of the governal charity organisations. Participation roses only by having access to resources of our society. This tournament is a counterexample to the old rules of the game which does not talk to people in need or lets them say and decied what they really need. We, the refugees, political activists and the youth from the neighbourhood tried to cooperate and make all the decisions toghether. We know that some of us have got benefits that others do not have. So we want to raise our voice to overcome those benefits and become a unity which strenghtens all of us.

- some details: 


saturday, 14th march 2015


- entry: free (all donations are for our refugees-friends)
- age for the football-cup: 16 years
- registration for the football-cup: 10 a.m. (on time!)

- adress: 
Böttgerstr. 8
13357 Berlin 

next to U8-station Pankstr. + 5 min walking