For the international female day of struggle 2015 in Freiburg

8.März Plakat

For the international female day of struggle 2015 in Freiburg

Since 1911 the 8th of march is a symbol for the fighting for the liberation of women, against structural opression, economic exploitation, sexualized violence and patriarchal role models. Worldwide women are fighting for their rights and their liberation. For example the textile workers in bangladesh, the women in the kurdish autonomy areas or also the protest movements in spain against the reactionary abortion law.


In Freiburg different women, feminist initiatives and left groups came together to repoliticize and to celebrate this day. Together we want to bring our ideas and demands to the streets on the 7th of march 2015.


Still loving feminism!


We are confronted with the promise that women and men in the BRD are both stuffed with the same rights and acces chances for occupation, education and politics. But in our all day practice we have to notice, that there are still considerable diffenrences. Nevertheless structural conditions and power relations have never been picked out as a central theme. These days feminist criticism is still being dismissed as dry, outdated and needlessly. However, for us it is still highly topical and necessarily.


Fight sexism, fight gender, be yourself!


In commercials, in films, in shop windows, everywhere it is tried to tell us how we have to look. Above all for women this means to be skinny, sporty shaved and sexy. Only if these demands are fullfilled, those are valid as „real women“ and only then it seems to be possible to perceive them as attractive, desiderable or just as accepted.

In our current society, there is no space for „anything between“. Because of falling out of both standards ( for men and for women) it especially is hard for trans- and intersexual people. The social pressure for fullfilling these demands and beauty manias is high.

Because of that we are fighting for society within that more than two genders are accepted, so every single people in the world are able to live free.


No means no!


We are living in a society where sexual annoyance, sexualized and domestic violence towards women appears as a cruel reality. After an evelation from the EU every third woman after her 15th year got to know of sexualized and/or physical violence. The women and girls the responsibility for their protection often is ascribed themselves. They should visit self-defence classes and they do not have to go for provocative clothings.

We are fighting for a society where women are no objects.


Who cares?


Many women are working in unsafe employments, in the low-wage sector or in so called womenjobs. Because of that they especially are affected from old-age poverty and the growing diminish of the social state. This often leads to an continuity of women still living in dependence to men. So women take over the for people necessary tasks in social-, educational- and caringjobs as the education and care for children or the nursing for elder and ill people and in the same time they are badly paid.

We are making demands for a enhancement of these jobs and for their acceptance as an important mainstay of the society.


Solidarity beyond borders!


Women with different migration stories are not only affected from sexism but also from racism. They are often illegalized and systematically pushed to precarious living- and employment conditions by the racist migrationpolitics of BRD and EU. Even if they were able to get an stay status, they are getting discriminated by everyday-racist behaviour and mindset. We are making demands for open borders and a self-determined live for everyone.


Let us fight together for a society within that people can live far apart from exploitation and suppression. Where people are not divided from economic usability. And within that all people can live free, far apart from categories as gender, skincolour, origin, health, age and sexuality.


Come all to the demonstration!

Date: 7th of march - 3 pm

Place: Platz der alten Synagoge in Freiburg