[DD] Demonstration for a humane asylum politics and the rights of the refugees

[DD] Montag 16.02. Demonstration für eine menschliche Asylpolitik und für die Rechte der Geflüchteten.

Even if the recent happenings about the splitting of pegida all around the last weeks would make some people happy, nothing have changed: neither have the deep minded racism disappeared in Saxony nor did the circumstances of refugees living here improve at all.


After all recent events, after the continuing attacks on supposed migrants and asylum seekers, we do not want to refrain from loud protest nor do we want our demands to be absorbed into purely symbolic protest. Huge, mounted free concerts and sweeping actions might be worth visiting for the majority of citizens, but in fact there has been no real help for one of the asylum seekers and also racist thoughts were not swiped away, not even criticized enough. Because of that we decided together with people affected by racist conditions to go out on the streets to have an alternative for all these people. An alternative for those who don’t think symbolic protest is enough, who don’t think the image of Dresden is more important then a decent living of refugees and for those who want to criticize permanent racism.


The last weeks were hard and exhausting, many asked themselves, how to stop PEGIDA. Many things happened, more or less successful.


We came to the conclusion, that NoPEGIDA-Movement only by itself will not change the circumstances in any way, neither the racist circumstances nor the circumstances directly affecting the daily life of the refugees.

Real improvements can only be made together with the people affected by racism and the saxonian asylum politics, they have to happen on the one hand directly in the shelters and on the other hand on the streets in direct actions for the rights and demands of refugees. Integration does not mean adjustment of “our culture”, but rather the process to build up same rights and livable homes for all.


Therefore, we ask you to join us at our demonstration in Dresden next Monday 16th February at 17:00 on Hauptstraße next to Golden Rider for a common demonstration of asylum seekers, antiracist and antifacist activists, for a humane asylum politics and the rights of the refugees.

At the demonstration take into account the participation of people with different residence statuses.

Show Solidarity with all people affected by racism


Come to Dresden!
No one is illegal!


Initiative “Remembering Khaled”